The Air-Castle (TS)

  • Talm sat at on of the tables at the tavern. "Well, I've really only told - wait, no I haven't told anyone. In fact... Oh, never mind. Let me start over." He said.

    Talm pulled a pair of silver disks from a pocket in his light robe.
    "Ahem. These are discs, covered in small runes."

    The group seemed to have no objection, do Talm continued. He turned the disks around, reviling the glowing sides of them.

    "Some of you are probably wondering why I was gone for several hours last night."
    He continued.

    "Yes, and dose this have anything to do with you coming out of the discs down in the cellar?" Wolmark inquired.

    "Oh, Yes it does." Talm answered.

    "The discs are a guide to all of the elemental crystals called Shards - The Solar Shard is in my balloon." Talm continued.

    "These arrows of light" He spoke, gesturing to the light-compass on the first disc. "Point toward all the crystals."

    "That's Tripe" Yelled out a patron of the Tavern.

    "It is not, you lizard!" Talm retaliated.

    The patron got up form his chair, as if to come over and try to shove the discs down Talm's throat. Talm, nervous and not sure what the appropriate polite response was, drew his sword.

    Some of the patrons also took up defensive postures.

    "Whoa... " Flynn said. "No weapons... Talm, Put that away." He continued. "You... " He said, turning to the malcontent. "Don't start anything. I'm sure Talm has proof of his claim, don't you?" He asked Talm.

    "Uh, yes of course..." Talm said, clearly thinking on his feet. "The Solar Shard is right here in Cademia. Fallow me!" He finished.

    The assorted people walked along, a few less sober ones having trouble chasing Talm.

    "Since the Shard is in the balloon, when we walk under it to the other side, we'll have no problem seeing the line shift!" Talm said, as they walked to the balloon.

    They as they stood in the shadow of the bag of gas, the rude patron from the Tavern ripped the disc from Talm's hands. He Walked under the center of the balloon, and sure enough, the line reversed 360° to one again point at the center of the balloon.

    "Hmmph." He muttered and handed the disc to Talm.

    "Well," Talm asked "Does anyone here want to help me find the rest of these crystals?" He finished.

    *** OoC ***
    Okay, this is recruitment for the quest to find the Air-Castle (See Requiem)
    Who wants to come? I'm looking for seven characters.

    I saw board **... and it was good!

  • A person in the gathering came forward and approaches Talm.

    "Excuse my brother, he's a fool!" the man stated casualy, gesturing to the man who had insulted Talm. His ill-mannered brother seemed not to notice, as if he'd heard those words, perhaps rightly, many times before.

    "I'm Velcarn, a local smith" He said, each word said perfectly in a concise way.
    "I'd be happy to offer my services to you expidition, if you like." He continued.

    "Happy to have you, Velcarn!" Talm replied. "I do some of my own metalwork, but I guess word got around that I'm in need for a professional. " Talm continued.

    "Well, that's one," Talm said, "But I need six more. Anyone else?" He finished.

    Ec, y'r Bmiih
    Any Cryptographers out there?

  • Dell, being one of the many half drunk patrons of the bar, stepped up to Talm.
    "I would be honoured to join you on your noble quest" Dell bowed, but didn't make it back up again, instead he fell over drunk.

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  • "Happy to have you, Dell" Talm said, with a smile.

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  • OoC
    Well. I have time occasionally now. So of course i came cawling back :p. I will post when I have time but please don't expect to much from me as a poster. Would you please not count me as a character in your story? I don't want to stop some one else from posting with me half posts.

    Talm walked slowly around his ballon. As he looked up towards the crystal he noticed a figure in green robes come running. The mans grey hair and curly mostache bounced as he jogged, clearly not something he did often.
    Talm was suprised "Have you come to join me in my quest Lindus?" Talm smiled. Lindus hardly ever left the Pynx. Lindus shook his head and panted out a weak "No"
    Talm looked questionaly at the old mage waiting for more. "I have an adventurer that is willing to help you in your quest. May he join you?" Talm was curious.
    "Show them to me, and I will decide" Lindus cast a shimmering blue portal and out stepped a man.
    A man armoured from head to toe.
    With spikes protuding from every direction.
    And guantlets.
    Darken Rahl.
    Talm shook his head. "I am sorry Lindus. This man tried to kill me and my friends. Who is to say that he will not do it again?" Lindus looked disapprovingly at Talm
    "He was under the power of the rings. He couldn't help it" Lindus nodded in Rahls direction, who seemed to be frozen. "He is stuck like that untill you say yes or no to him joining you. Think it over"

    "This one must meditate ones failure"
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  • "Well... " Talm started, unsure. "I... I don't know. I understand about the rings... Well, I suppose, If you vouch for him. And, as I recall, he is good in a fight. Alright, he can join us. " Talm Finished.

    Okay, that's four (Three plus Talm). cache, I think you might wan't to make your move.
    I could have more people, but some are going to have to double up in the beds...

    I saw board **... and it was good!

  • A red haired man came walking up. "Sorry I"m late, I had some trading to catch up on.For those of you who don't know me, I'm Brink" Brink nodded to Talm "Good you see you again Talm"

    How do men that have beards play the flute?

  • "Welcome, Brink" Talm greated Brink.
    "Gald to have another set of helping hands..." He finished.

    Okay, three slots left... I didn't expect such a good turnout, but this is a pleasent surprise. I'm going to have to figure out how to get more people into a balloon with beds for five... does anyone mind there charicters sleeping on the ballcony?

    I saw board **... and it was good!

  • Darken Rahl walked around the ballons cabin. He walked into the central compartment and spotted the Solar shard. "Talm!" He called out. Talm hurried in, "Yes Rahl. What are you doing in here?" Rahl motioned towards the crystal. "Where did you find this? May I ask?"
    Talm glanced at the Solar shard then back to Rahl "Of course I will tell you all in good time. Right now I have to be out for any late arrivals" Talm began to walk out, but Rahls armoured fist made him stop.
    "Another thing. Where are we going to look?" Talm walked out and repeated his last answer.

    "This one must meditate ones failure"
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  • As Talm walked out he spotted two more friends of his. The two women looked as different as night and day, literally. Moonshadow, the small winter elf, her long silvery-white hair now braided back loosely, clad all in white and silver, and Katze, the rogue, one foot taller than her companion, dark skinned and clad, with short black hair, her black eyes sparkling curiously as she looked around the commotion, only bending down occasionally to whisper something to Moonshadow. She nodded, but did not seem to pay much attention to Katze... or the commotion, for that matter.
    As Talm walked nearer he could make out part of their conversation.
    "Are you sure?" Katze asked, in a slightly annoyed voice.
    "Absolutely." Moonshadow nodded vehemently. "I don't understand..." She rose to the tip of her toes, trying - unsuccessfully - to see something, or maybe someone, above the group of people gathered around the balloon.
    "Well..." Katze began. "Maybe Leandra doesn't let him go." She grimaced, remembering the magess' tirade about Moonshadow.
    "Why would she?" the elf replied curiously, tilting her head slightly as, for the first time, she looked up at Katze directly. "Besides, I don't think she really has a say on that matter."
    Talm now noticed she was carrying a bag, filled with provisions, by the looks of it. She was obviously prepared for a journey. As he was close enough, he asked. "What are you two doing here? I thought you'd said you've had your share of adventure for now."
    "Well, we had." Katze began to explain. "And I still have, for that matter. But Flynn asked Moonshadow to join him on an errand of his, and guess what, she couldn't say no." The rogue grimaced again as Moonshadow poked her. "What? It's true, ain't it? Anyways, Flynn doesn't seem to be coming..."
    "Oh yes, he will!" Moonshadow contradicted.
    Katze looked at her doubtfully.
    "Anyways, what's all this commotion?" Moonshadow turned to face Talm.
    "Well, I was, kind of, going on an adventure, so to say."
    "Oh. Where?" Katze asked.
    "I'm not telling yet..." Talm smiled secretively. "If you want to know, you'll have to come."
    Katze shook her head. "You've stirred my curiosity, but I can't come. I have a reputation to tend..."
    "I don't think you'll be coming, will you?"
    Moonshadow seemed to ponder Talm's question for a while. She looked around again, but didn't see who she had hoped for. "Well, since Flynn's obviously not coming-" Katze looked at her, torn between indignation and amusement at that comment "- count me in!"
    "What about Flynn?" Talm asked, a little surprised at her change of mind.
    "He'll have to wait." she replied shortly.
    "I guess that's what elves are like..." Katze added, quickly stepping away from Moonshadow. "Anyways, I have to be going... good luck on your quest!" She bowed, smiling, turned around and disappeared into the shadows of the nearby buildings.

    As l lay in my bed staring at the sky I asked myself:
    Where the hell did the roof go?

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  • Wolmark poked his head over the lip of the ladder well, climbing up into the balloon. Looking around for Talm, he noticed Moonshadow sitting at the dining table, with her pack in front of her.

    "Moonshadow? Flynn's been looking everywhere for you!"

    She looked around in surprise at Wolmark's voice, just in time to see Trinias appear at the top of the ladder. "He is? What kept him? Never mind, I'll ask him myself."

    Leaving her equipment on the table, she hurriedly descended the rope ladder, looking around for Flynn as she climbed. Before reaching the half-way mark, she recognised his blonde-haired head, turning this way and that, clearly looking for something - or someone.

    "Flynn! Up here!" she called, waving energetically. He looked up, and returned her wave. By the time she reached the bottom, he was waiting there for her.

    "Where have you been?" she scolded, pouting. "I'd given up on you!"

    "I'm sorry," he replied, both looking and sounding contrite. "We'll have to delay the trip, one of the horses came up lame. It shouldn't hurt any; nothing can get into the cave, so the equipment will be safe enough."

    "Oh, I see." For some reason, Moonshadow blushed. "Uh, when I thought you weren't coming, I agreed to go on Talm's quest - I thought a sky journey might be interesting..." Her voice trailed off; for some reason she felt she should be making excuses, and that really wasn't like her.

    Flynn looked up at the balloon, speculatively. "Yes, it might be, at that; I expect this thing won't be anything like the zeppelin."

    He turned his gaze back to the pale woman. "You know, it might be good for me to do something radically different, after recent events. Any objection to me tagging along?"

    "Well," she replied, unable to meet his gaze, "it's Talms quest, really..."

    "Right, I'll go ask him." He grasped hold of the rope ladder, and climbed up one step. "By the way," he said, "I like what you've done with your hair.

    Moonshadow watched him climb; she raised one hand to her cheek, wondering why she felt so flushed. "It must be the heat," she concluded.


    "Hey, Talm!"

    Talm turned from the supervision of the stowage of supplies, and saw Flynn walking towards him.

    "Could you cope with another passenger?" the warrior asked.

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  • Dell, who had woken up by the time Flyyn had arrived, was wandering around the ballon. He had stowed his equiptment (A large assortment of weapons) on one of the bunks. On his way around the balcony he bumped painfully into Darken Rahl. "You!" Dell drew one of his short swords, but before he could attack Darken Rahl had him pinned on the deck.
    Dell squirmed with a spike through each shoulder and two spikes in each of his shins. Dell cried out in pain, the bones cracking under the wait of his spined opponent. Dell spat into Darken Rahls face and groped for some weapons, but couldn't move without blacking out from the pain. "I am on your side this time, stop trying to kill me, Boundary Warden"
    Dell's anger flared up. With a painfull grunt Dell raised his head slowly and brought it down on to the wooded balcony with a sickening thud. Darken Rahl was suprised. Was he trying to kill himself? No. Rahl realised all too late what he was doing. With a crack of wood a splinter shot out from the decking and into the soft ballon. Darken Rahl jumped off Dell and grasped for the door handle as the balcony cracked and gave way. Dell slipped off Rahls spikes, and began the ever faster journey towards the ground. Darken had missed the door handle and now hung by a single spike, stuck into what was left of the balcony.
    Talm looked up from the dusty, dry ground of Cademia to see Dell screaming downwards and Rahl hanging by his guantlet.
    Dell fell.
    He fell down.
    And down


    CRACK! He landed at Talms feet with bonecrunching force. Talm looked up to see Rahl following Dell. With another crunch Rahl crumbled a few feet away from Dell. Both lay motionless.
    Moonshadow was at the scene with no more then an heartbeat. She grinned down at the dead pair. "They shouldn't play around with spikes" she shook her head and tutted "Some one could get hurt" Moonshadow revived the pair and fixed the spike made holes in Dell.
    Darken Rahl approached Dell. "Well, Warden" Rahl took of his gauntlet and shook Dells hand. "I never saw that one coming" Dell grinned and they both headed back up the ladder.
    Talm had the balcony repaired and everything was back to normal, except Dell had a few more scars now.

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  • Brink had been quiet, like he always was at he beginning of a quest. He sat in a the libary of the balloon, think thought, and smiling rarely at seeing old faces. THe last quest had taken a lot out of him. He ran his fingers through his hair. Damn, but he was glad for Lindus's magic hairdye©. ;)

    How do men that have beards play the flute?

  • Talm redily accepted the Ronin's offer to come along.
    "Well, That's everyone I can fit..." He said.
    "Alright, Roll call:" He yelled.

    "Darken Rahl"

    Okay, recruitment's over.

    Please correct me if i'm wrong or missed anyone on the list. I'll set us off with my next post!

    I saw board **... and it was good!

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  • With the roll-call completed, the assembly followed Talm into the kitchen area. It was now a bit crowded, but not to the point of claustrophobia.

    Talm began to speak.
    "Well, here we stand, about to start a historic voyage - the first extended air-jouney by Cytherians!"

    Talm paused, and then continued his monologue.
    "I know you all have many questions - Rahl, you wondered where I got the Solar Shard. Well, it's a long story, but in short, It was found near Land's End Volcano - the smaller, secondary volcano, to be precise."

    "Well, If anyone has any other questions, just ask me."
    Talm turned to leave for the balcony, when he remembered something.

    "Oh, the bathroom is downstairs. Don't use it 'till were over the sea, though. Take a look around, after we cast off, I'll show you your quarters." Talm Finished, and walked away.

    I've decided to wait just a bit longer before we set off, there might be a last minute addition. Thanks,

    I saw board **... and it was good!

  • Ferazel rushes in. He is panting and sighing and he barely breathes out, "Sorry..I'm late...Stupid teleport...spell...I came...all the way...from LKH..." He collapses into a chair and falls asleep. A few seconds later, another Ferazel walks in and the one in the chair pops away in blue smoke. "Okay, I'm here.", he says

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  • Wolmark - as usual - was thinking. "Talm, could you wait about another hour? I have an idea."

    "Sure Wolmark, I'm always glad to see another of your innovations!"

    "No, it's not that kind - never mind, you'll see." Wolmark turned to whisper in Trinias' ear, who nodded briefly.

    Wolmark climbed out of the balloon.

    "I didn't exactly come prepared," Flynn spoke up. "I'll take the opportunity to collect some things." He, too, disappeared through the trapdoor in the floor.


    Back at the barracks, Leandra walked in as Flynn was stowing things in his pack. "Where are you going?" she asked. "I thought the trip was off?"

    "Talm's starting a journey in that balloon of his; I thought the change of scenery might be good."

    "Yes, I know; Wolmark and Trinias are going." Leandra frowned. "Who else is going on this journey?"

    Flynn reeled off a quick list of names.

    Leandra bit her lip. "Do you think there'd be room for one more?"

    Flynn looked at her with a half-amused smile. "I don't know, you'd have to ask Talm."

    Leandra nodded, fetched a bag and began to stow her supplies.


    Flynn was back in short order; he'd already been wearing his armour and weapons - those that weren't back in the cave under Land's End Volcano - but he now had a pack with supplies, and three bedrolls.

    "Just in case we run out of bunk-space," he commented.

    Much to everyone's surprise, Leandra apeared at the lip of the hatch behind him, also carrying a pack and bedroll. "Where's Talm?" she asked.


    Within the hour, Ferazel recognised a familiar, rhythmic swishing sound. "Oh, the zeppelin!" he exclaimed.

    Talm hurried out onto the balcony, and quickly spotted the small airship heading in their direction. Wolmark brought it to a halt about thirty yards away, and put up a strange wooden disk on a pole; the disk was painted in concentric rings of different colours.

    Talm looked puzzled - then jumped as an arrow, trailing a light line, zinged past his ear from behind. It struck the centre of the innermost circle of the target. Glancing behind him, he saw Trinias just stowing the Opal Sting in its pouch, then tying a heavier rope to the line. When done, he waved over at Wolmark

    On the zeppelin, Wolmark retrieved the arrow and began to haul in the line; when he had the rope he made it fast to the zeppelin, then threw a rope ladder over the side and climbed down. Another two minutes, and he was standing beside Talm on the balcony, smiling.

    "It's not roomy enough for long journeys, but I thought it might be useful."

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  • *** OoC ***
    Opps, I forgot about the zephlin... thanks cache, we'd
    have been up the creek without a paddle if we didn't have it when we get to
    the castle.
    *** BiC ***

    Talm thanked Wolmark for remembering the Zephlin, and went into the ladder well.

    Soon, he was in his lab. He walked over to a large drawer in one of the racks and removed
    a conical object, about a foot long and with open ends.

    In a flash, Talm returned to the balcony and put the cone to his mouth.

    "ROPES AWAY" he shouted, his voice amplified by the horn and directed towards the ground.

    The helpful Cademians that had helped Talm tether the balloon now set it free, and with a jolt the airship set forth skyward, towing the zephlin with it.

    As Talm adjusted the rope that closed the apiture at the top of the balloon*, Wolmark spoke up.

    "Talm, is that voice-horn one of you inventions?" Wolmark asked.

    "No, I made that one, but the idea isn't mine. My grandfather invented it, but never did anything with the concept - a tragedy, it seems like a useful tool." Talm replied.

    Wolmark noded, and they joined the others in the main room.**

    Talm looked over the group of adventurers. His Wolflizard was making it's rounds, sniffing everyone, even those who didn't want to be sniffed - execpt for Rahl, even the reptile had the good sense not to try anthing around him.

    "Okay, Quarters asignment - We have five beds - and eleven people. I figure we can fit two more indoors, in the upper part of the bedrooms, which gives us seven sleeping areas and eleven people. Unless the weather gets bad, some people can sleep on the ballcony... I'll leave it to you to decide who gets what quarters." Talm said.

    Talm removed a large, hanging map from the wall, which was realy a frame stretched with canvas rather than a normal wood wall, and sat down at the table with the map.

    The others dispersed around the balloon, selecting quarters.

    *This hole allows some hot air to escape, preventing the balloon from pulling up the ropes
    used to hold it to the ground. Now that they desire to climb, this won't be needed as much.
    When they wan't to desend, they'll just open it up again.
    Note that since they have little control over the Shard, they must use this is the main
    means for height control.

    ** The one with the table on the balloon plans.

    I saw board **... and it was good!

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  • Moonshadow looked around the room, unsure of where to go. She had strolled around the balloon a little, and knew that, besides Talm's room, there were two rooms with a bunk each, and above those rooms were storerooms. She stood, hesitantly, watching Flynn climb up the ladder that lead to the library. The other men were standng nearby, apparently discussing who slept where, wich meant there was somebody left: Leandra. "Right." Moonshadow muttered, and turned to look for Leandra. Surprisingly enough, she was still sitting at the table. "Hey, Leandra." Moonshadow sat down beside the magess.
    "You know, I thought... while the men-" she motioned over to them -" are discussing their who-sleeps-where... how about we just pick the best room first?" A mischievous smile showed on her face.
    Leandra frowned. "Well -" she began, but Moonshadow cut her short. "You don't want to sleep in a room with a man, do you?"
    "Well, I didn't really think about it..." Leandra admitted.
    Moonshadow noticed Leandra's hesitation, and a confused expression replaced her smile. "I don't bite, you know." She looked over at the men. "You know, if we don't hurry, the men will be finshed before we could choose..." she tilted her head. "Think about it... the disgrace of a whole bunch of them being faster than just two women..."
    Leandra chuckled a little. She got up from her chair and took Moonshadow's wrist. "I want starboard!" She declared, dragging the elf up and away in that direction.
    "Fitting... I prefer that, too." Moonshadow smiled, quickly grabbing her pack from the desk.
    They entered the little room, and, with a thud, both packs landed on the upper bed - simultaneously. "Hey!"
    Moonshadow broke Leandra's hold on her wrist and almost ran the two steps to the bed, and climbed up quickly. "I'm sleeping here." She took Leandra's bag and cautiosly let it fall on the bed below her. Leandra grimaced at her, went over, took her pack, and placed it back on the upper bed, keeping her hands on it. "No way!" She said slowly and clearly. "I'm sleeping up there. I've always had the upper bed."
    Moonshadow stuck out her tongue. "Then you won't this time. I was here first!" She raised her voice at the last word.
    "Who cares?" Leandra countered, also with increasing loudness.
    "I do!"
    "That's not the point!" Leandra yelled back.
    "And why not?" Moonshadow demanded.
    "That's not an argument!"
    "Who cares?"
    "I do!"
    Both women spun around. "Flynn!"
    Flynn just barely kept himself from taking a few steps backwards at their expressions. "What the heck is going on here?"
    "She won't let me sleep on the upper bed." Both women replied at the same time, pointing at each other.
    Flynn raised his eyebrows, an expression of utter disbelief on his face.
    "It doesn't matter anyways." Moonshadow carelessly tossed back a few loose strands of hair. "I was here first." She leaned back against the wall.
    "I heard so." Flynn remarked dryly. "And I don't believe you two can't just behave like adults."
    Leandra looked down at his scolding, and Moonshadow stared up at the wall, investigating all the interesting cracks it had.
    "Anyways... can't you two just take shifts?"
    Leandra smiled. "A great idea."
    "Fine." Flynn turned to leave their 'apartment', but stopped in the doorway. "Next time, argue so we don't hear you, all right?"

    About half an hour later - Flynn had already made himself comfortable in the library - he saw a silvery-white haired head pop up through the opening of the ladder. "Flynn?" Moonshadow asked.
    "Uhm... yeah?"
    She climbed up, and was quickly followed by a red-haired head. Leandra.
    Flynn gulped, not sure what had brought them here. "What can I do for you?"
    "Well..." Moonshadow glanced at Leandra. "You tell him."
    "No, you."
    "No -"
    "Just what exactly is it? Get to the point." Flynn was beginning to feel annoyed with that bickering.
    "Well..." Moonshadow took a deep breath. "On three!" Leandra nodded. Flynn looked at them, more than a little bewildered. "Three... two... one..." Moonshadow looked at Leandra, and both women said: "We can't decide who gets the first turn."
    Flynn burrowed his head in the book he was reading, half hoping they'd just go away, and really not willing to believe what he had just heard. Minutes passed, but there was no sound of anybody climbing down the ladder. He sighed, resignedly. "So, what do I have to do with that?"
    "You're to decide." Leandra said.
    "Who's turn it is." Moonshadow added.

    As l lay in my bed staring at the sky I asked myself:
    Where the hell did the roof go?

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  • Flynn sighed in exasperation; he began to have serious doubts that he'd find any relaxation at all on this trip. He got up from the armchair, and climbed down the ladder; the two women followed him to the room they'd claimed.

    Once they were all there, Flynn pulled a single obol from his pocket. "Right. Heads, Moonshadow gets the top bunk; tails, Leandra does. OK?"

    The women glanced at each other, then both nodded. Flynn tossed the coin.


    Wolmark refused to join in the argument with the other men. He'd noticed Flynn carrying a bedroll up into the library, and that sparked an idea in his own mind. Picking up one of the remaining bedrolls that Flynn had thoughtfully brought, he began to climb down the ladder.

    "Wolmark? Where are you going?" Trinias asked.

    "The lab. I figured I'd be as comfortable there, as anywhere."

    Trinias nodded, and Wolmark disappeared down the ladder well.

    Trinias looked around at the remaining men: Dell, Darken Rahl, Brink, Ferazel, Velcarn and himself, with three beds remaining. There was one more space over the women's bunk, but he knew very well what would happen to anyone that suggested using it - both Moonshadow and Leandra were powerful healers, fortunately, so they could repair the damage when they were done.

    He considered the balcony, and shuddered. He was an outdoorsman, yes; but that was a little too outdoors, even for him. Nevertheless, he waited to see what the others decided.

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