The Air-Castle (TS)

  • Moonshadow thought for a moment before answering. "That should be fine. I'm sure they will be interested in your history." Talm nodded slowly, realizing that this could not be kept a secret.. As they past the forge they heard Brink getting up. "This is Brink's er, "room"" Talm told Salmaris. Moonshadow's face contorted in disgust as she smelled coffee. "If he offers you something called coffee, refuse. Its a deadly poison."Salmaris looked shocked as Talm stifled a laugh into a cough. Brink came out, hearing the word coffee. He appeared to be still somewhat dazed from the harpy attack, but semi-recovered. "Brink, I'd like you to meet Salmaris. Salmaris, this is Brink, master-trader" Brink nodded his head, but did not seem surprised at the newcomer. "I believe I have something of yours" he told her. "I assure you, at the time I was unaware at the time that any of the Castles inhabitants were alive." Salmaris looked a bit confused as Brink ducked into his room, but realized what he was talking about as soon as she saw what he was carrying. "Your sword, I believe" said Brink handing it to her. Salmaris quickly replied "Yes…" Talm interrupted, seeing that Brink was about to ask a question. "Brink, could you go and tell everyone to meet at the table. We'll have a bit of a question and answer session. That is if you don't mind "he said turning to Salmaris. Salmaris answered "Sure. I have a ton of questions" Brink quietly went off to inform everyone.

    (five minutes later, at the table)
    "This is Salmaris. As you can tell she is new to us. She came from the castle and will be staying with us." said Talm. "Now I know we all have questions" said Talm noting Wolmark on the edge of his seat and giving him a wink. "But let's not over overwhelm Salmaris" Salmaris smiled too, seeing the pained look on Wolmark’s face. “Hello, its pleasure meeting all of you. I too have some questions, so I’m sure we can trade information”

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  • Leandra, who'd been looking suspiciously at Salmaris, quickly raised the first question. "Did you do something with the body in the storeroom?"

    Everyone looked at her in surprise. "Well, it's missing!" she continued, looking around at everybody defensively.

    Salmaris looked even more shocked than the rest. Judging by the people she'd met so far, she'd begun to think these were all peaceful folk; now they were talking about bodies in the storeroom! What could they possibly want to store bodies for?

    Moonshadow, seeing her expression, took pity on her. "One of our party died mysteriously, on the outward trip. We were taking his body back with us, to see if something could be done - or for a proper burial." Salmaris looked relieved by the explanation.

    "Are you sure?" Talm queried Leandra, a look of doubt on his face.

    "Of course I'm sure. Go see for yourself!"

    Everyone crowded down the ladder into the storeroom; those that couldn't fit, looked on through the door. Leandra was obviously correct; there was no body.

    Wolmark began to look sheepish. "I think I know what happened..."

    Everyone turned to look at him, expectantly.

    "Remember," he continued, "I said I'd never done the time-stasis before - I think I messed up. Let me try something."

    He stared at an item on a shelf, which happened to be a spare saltshaker, and half closed his eyes in concentration. He turned pale with the effort, but stopped before he drained too much lifeforce.

    "There, now watch that saltshaker."

    The group all watched intently. Slowly, the shaker began to fade away, until it was completely gone.

    Talm looked at Wolmark in confusion. "What happened to it?"

    "I think I messed up the time factor. Instead of a stasis, I sent it back in time - kind of. It went back in time, but the surroundings didn't; it stayed in this time period, but moved back to the place and state it was in at the time it was sent back to. Am I making sense?"

    The number of blank stares he received bore testimony that he wasn't. He sighed. "I don't know how to explain it any clearer. But I suspect that when we get back, we'll find Rahl waiting, alive and well, with no memory of what happened to him."

    He received a few looks of disbelief, but ignored them as he led the way back up the ladder.

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  • Velcarn had joined the group at the table.
    The smell of Leandra's excellent soup drifted past him, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. His reverie was interrupted by the clank of dishes being served, and as he opened his eyes he saw a steaming bowl of hot soup presented before him by Talm, who was helping serve the meal.

    Within moments, Velcarn had put spoon to soup and was eating hearty. The group ate well, and retired to there respective quarters, refreshed.


    Talm sat in his quarters, thinking.
    He looked out the windows, watching the last bit of Cytherian sun go over the horizon.
    It was stunning, and Talm thought he would never tire of seeing aerial sunsets. The sky, painted in vibrant hues of orange and yellow, with just a touch of red and purple, was wonderful. Suddenly, there was a sharp knock on his door.

    “Come in.” Talm said, his mind drifting to alertness.

    Salmaris, visibly upset, entered the small room.

    “Is something troubling you, Salmaris?” He asked, somewhat weary.

    “Yes, there is something wrong...” She said, being rather vague.

    “Is it something I can help with?” Talm asked.

    “I don’t know, I can’t quite tell what it is... something isn’t right...”

    Talm thought for a moment, an expression of confusion evident on his face.
    Salmaris, seeing she wasn’t making sense to Talm, stood still for a moment, then spoke.
    “Sorry to bother you, Talm.” She said, and turned to leave.

    “It’s alight, I don’t mind. You might want to talk to Moonshadow, or Leandra. They’d be better with this kind of thing.” Talm suggested.

    Salmaris nodded, and exited the room.
    Talm turned to face the sun, but saw that darkness had overtaken the sky.
    Talm layed down in his bed, and went to sleep.

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  • After watching out the window for a while longer, Ferazel decided to strech his legs and take a walk around the balloon. As he walked by Salmaris sitting at a table, he said a hello to her. "Uh, hi there. Haven't seen you here. You just teleport in or something?" Salmaris then got a strange look on her face. She flinched, and looked over at Ferazel. There's something about him, she thought. She flinched again, and looked over at Ferazel for a second time. Memories flashed back in her head. Who is he, she thought. It seems like I know him, from long ago. A memory flashed though her head. She stared at Ferazel now. "You...", she muttered. Pointing her cloaking device at him, she muttered again, " bring back dark memories..", and pressed a small button. Ferazel quickly tried a blocking spell, but to no avail. A beam hit him head on, and he fell, paralyzed and in pain, to the floor. Salmaris turned and walked away.

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  • As Ferazel collapsed, the memories faded from Salmaris’ mind. She felt slightly more at ease, although there was something still wrong about, the immediate discomfort of the Habnabit’s presence was relived.

    Salmaris shoke her head, unsure why Ferazel had caused her so much discomfort.
    She decided to get away form him before he awoke, and caused those feelings to resurface again.


    Salmaris headed for her quarters, above Moonshadow and Leandra’s.*
    She found no rest, her thoughts troubled by her 'attack' on Ferazel. She defended her actions to herself, reasoning that his presence was disturbing to the point of being painful to her...
    Yet why? By all accounts he was just another humanoid... and he wasn’t doing it on purpose... was there something about this one she did not know?

    Salmaris decided to check on him before he awakened and his ‘aura’ would make it impossible to get near him. She climbed down the ladder, and headed out past the sleeping people in the beds.

    Salmaris quietly and slowly approached the Habnabit’s unconscious form, and removed a small device form her belt. She pressed a button, and the device began to hum and beep quietly as it scanned Freazel. In a few seconds, Salmaris had her results - and an answer to why she’d been so disturbed by ferazel.

    He wasn’t a humanoid!


    With the device in her hand, Salmaris returned to her quarters.
    It seemed that he was only a manifestation of psionic and elemental energies, made to appear like a real person to all but the most intensive search. Did the humans know this? Did they know they had a ‘simulacrum’ in there midst?
    More worried than ever, she closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless, alien sleep.

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  • Talm was walking through the forest, it was a bright, crisp Cytherian morning. His Wolflizard treaded up next to him, it's green hide blending in with the forest surrounding it. He stopped, and removed his canteen from his back. As he drank the cool, mineral-rich water, he turn around to see the rest of his party. Velgen was standing there, looking cross, as always, and Melia stood behind him. She was leaning on her staff nonchalantly, watching Wolfie sniff the earth. Talm put the canteen away.

    “Well, I’d say were about here.” Talm said, pointing to a map he had removed from his pack.

    “No, I’d say you’ve gotten us lost again!” Velgen said.

    “Talm, we’ve been out in this direction for days. Let’s head north, back to the lake. Our best lead came from that guy in the cabin...” Melia chimed in.

    “No, I’m sure the crystal is in the south!” Said Talm.

    “For once, will you listen to me?” Asked Velgen.
    “I know this land, Talm. There is nothing interesting at Land’s-End, I don’t care what that drunk in Kosha Told you!” Velgen exclaimed.

    Talm, who was now rather angry, replied.
    “I’m the leader of this expedition, you are hired help! You aren’t here to lead, your here to keep up from getting eaten. Now, you do your job and I’ll do mine!”

    Velgen, flush with anger, drew his sword and stabbed Talm through the chest.


    Talm awoke with a start. He sat up in bed. He was safe, on the balloon. Among friends.
    He exhaled deeply, relived that it had been a dream. He stretched his arms, and lay back down, infinitely thankful that those events had not transpired a year ago.

    Talm looked out the window - the sun was just starting to peek over the horizon*. What a way to start a new day.

    • I assume that the balloon rotates slightly over the course of time, allowing him to view both the sun rise and set this time.

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  • Moonshadow, on the top bunk, groggily opened one eye. She could blurily make out Leandra, busily working on something.

    "What are you doing up at this hour?" she mumbled.

    Leandra looked up at her, and smiled; she looked very tired, but also very contented. "I had a touch of insomnia, couldn't sleep; so I made this." She held up a shirt, made of a grey material, for Moonshadow to inspect.

    Moonshadow sat up, and reached out a hand to touch the material. "Is that kefron? It's not very attractive; what does it do, exactly?"

    "Well, it somehow soaks up some of the force of impact, because of its multi-layered weave; should help a bit against arrows. Also, it's very heat resistant. I know it doesn't look like much, but it's supposed to be worn under your other clothes. Would you like me to make you one sometime?"

    Moonshadow, who'd grown more interested at the thought of heat resistance, felt the cloth again, and grimaced. "It's too heavy for me; I'd get too hot just from wearing it."

    "Oh yes," Leandra nodded. "Fir'dha is a cold world! Anyway, this one's for Talm; it's his expedition, it's only fair he gets the first one."

    Moonshadow nodded, jumped down from the bunk, and went to find out who else was awake.

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  • Ferazel, now recovered from his little incident with Salmaris, was watching the scenery pass from a window. Time passed slowly, with the plain scenery passing by. Ferazel, fearing the test of another of his spells, decided to get a warm drink. He walked into the kitchen, and Salmaris was there. That's strange, she thought, he doesn't have the aura of a simulacrum around him. He seems to not be a humaniod, but related to them. Ferazel found a mug, and casting a spell, a brown liquid with lighter brown bubbles and foam formed in the cup. He slurped it down, sighed, and walked back to "his" window. Staring out, he saw the blip that was Cademia was drawing nearer. He just stood there for hours, watching time pass. Cademia drawing ever closer, Ferazel sighed again. He conjured another glass of the brown liquid, and drank a part of it. Salmaris walked up behind him. Startled, Ferazel watched his mug of hot chocolate drop hundreds of feet until it was out of sight range. He turned around, and started to talk to Salmaris. "About last night, what was it about me that brought back the dark memories?"
    Salmaris replied, "I don't believe it was truely you last night."
    "Ah yes, you could tell. One of my spells can make duplicates of people, simulacrums."
    "Please, don't mention that." They talked for a while, and soon it grew late morning. Ferazel fixed himself a steak for breakfast. Bored, he went back to staring out the window.

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  • Moonshadow walked into the main living room, and saw Trinias and Wolmark sitting at the table. "Morning!" She greeted cheerfully.
    "Morning." They replied.
    "Leandra's still sleeping?" Wolmark asked.
    "No... she's already up."
    "Ah." Wolmark got up. "If you excuse me, then..."
    Trinias nodded, and Moonshadow shrugged. Wolmark walked out of the room.
    Trnias looked at Moonshadow; she looked back at him. "Where's Flynn?"
    Trinias smiled. "Still up in the library, I guess."
    "Ah..." Moonshadow looked in the direction of the kitchen, pondering for a moment. "I was going to say I'd prepare some food -"
    "But now you decided to go visit Flynn?"
    "Uhm... no..." Moonshadow tilted her head slightly. "But now that you mention it, it's a good idea! You'll excuse me, right?"
    Trinias sighed. "Of course." Not that Moonshadow had bothered to wait for a reply. Her question had been rethorical. He looked over at the door to the women's quarter. Leandra would probably not prepare any food. "Seems like I need to do it myself."
    As he walked into the kitchen he saw Salmaris and Ferazel there, chatting. They turned around when they heard him.
    "Morning." Trinias greeted. "Eaten yet?"
    "No... and my drink just went out there." Ferazel pointed at the window.
    "Oh." Trinias said. Salmaris looked a little guilty.
    "Will you help me preparing some breakfast, then?" Trinias asked.

    Moonshadow peeked through the ladder opening into the library. Nobody in sight. She climbed back down, and noticed Trinias had left. On his chair, there now sat the wolflizard. As she entered the room, it looked up at her and began to squeak pleadingly.
    "Oh my... are you hungry?" Moonshadow questioned. "Then I suggest you pay the kitchen a visit. Somebody will surely be there." She wondered whether the animal would understand that, then shooed it into the general direction of the kitchen precautiously. After having made sure the animal got the hint, she set out to search for Flynn again.

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  • Wolmark knocked gently on the doorway to the women's quarters. Receiving no reply, he peeked in. He saw Leandra slumped in a chair, with some sewing in her lap; she was soundly asleep.

    Wolmark smiled, and stood there watching for a few moments; then he turned and left for the laboratory.


    Flynn was leaning against the railing of the balcony, watching the island of Cythera growing slowly, but steadily, closer. It had been a marvellous morning; the early sun had glowed a spectacular deep red-gold on some morning cloud, but the sky had soon cleared to a cloudless blue. It was the kind of morning that always made him feel he was at his best, at harmony with everything.

    This morning was a slight exception. He'd felt all the usual feelings, and he had an incredibe sense of peace and well-being; but there was a nagging sense that there was still something missing, that would have made the morning perfect. Try as he might, he couldn't quite pin it down.

    "Good morning!" came a voice from behind him, wafting all speculations out of his mind. He turned to see Moonshadow stepping quietly over toward him.

    "Good morning," he replied. "Marvellous day, isn't it?"

    "Yes," she replied, as she joined him at the railing. "I seldom saw such a day on Fir'dha; even when the sun did shine, it only shone on snow. The colours in this world never cease to amaze me!"

    He looked back out toward the distant island. "Looks like we'll be back in Cythera, soon; probably by early afternoon. I'm getting anxious to retrieve my weapons; would tomorrow morning be too soon to leave on that trip?"

    "No, that will be fine," Moonshadow replied. "I'm rather curious about that cave myself; it's past time I took a good look around in there."

    "Hmm. There'll be no need to rush; we can start your training on the way."

    "My training?" she queried, tilting her head to one side, and frowning.

    "Yes, with the quarterstaff," Flynn answered.

    "Oh, yes please!"

    They lapsed into a contented silence, watching the land draw closer.


    Trinias began opening cupboards, checking to see what supplies were available. He placed a few ingredients on the bench, and set a skillet with some butter to heat on the stove.

    "What are you doing?" Ferazel asked.

    "Making breakfast; what does it look like?" Trinias replied.

    "You cook? " Ferazel exclaimed in disbelief.

    "Of course I cook. I'm a woodsman; what do you think we live on out there in the forest, nuts and berries?"

    Ferazel lapsed into silence, as he and Salmaris watched Trinias work. "Well," Ferazel thought to himself, he certainly looks like he knows what he's doing; it might even be safe to eat..."


    As they drew close enough to begin to make out the city of Cademia ahead, a delicious smell wafted up the ladder and out onto the balcony.

    "Oh," Moonshadow exclaimed. "Leandra must be making breakfast after all." Flynn shook his head; Moonshadow looked at him questioningly.

    "Trinias," he corrected.

    "How can you tell?" she asked, tilting her head to one side again.

    Flynn grinned. "It's trail cooking. It has a completely different aroma."

    "And I suppose you can tell exactly what it is, too!" Moonshadow teased.

    "Pancakes," he replied, without hesitation.


    And pancakes it was. They all gathered in the main room to eat, even a sleepily blinking Leandra. Trinias had made more than enough for everyone, and had even managed to find a selection of sauces and toppings. Few of them could remember when they'd last eaten a more satisfying breakfast.

    Salmaris wasn't sure how this kind of food would agree with her system - but after one mouthful, she didn't care. It tasted good!

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  • Salmaris stood on the balcony, admiring the distant island. She wondered what things that land would offer. She hadn’t got more than thirty minutes of sleep last night, and she new her people needed at least two hours to get a good rest.

    Salmaris’ thoughts drifted to her family, and how she’d seemingly eaten her last meal with them just a few days ago to her, yet centuries to everyone else.

    Her grandmother had told her about the time when their people had landed in Cythera, how fierce elemental beings had attacked the ship, and crashed it into a mountain. The crew then broke into five groups, four each taking a shard from the ship’s spartial-temporal interchange core.

    Salmaris remembered the account given her by her grandmother, of how they’d enlisted the natives to construct the Castle, and how they prospered under the direction of her forefathers.

    Why did they leave me? She wondered, pondering her fate. As if it were only yesterday, she remembered being sealed in the stasis tube, being sent to ‘future generations’ of human and visitor alike.

    But what had she awakened to? Nothing.
    Like the childhood trauma of being lost in a strange place, but amplified a thousand time.
    No visitors, of future visitors, nor castle-dweller humans, where there to great her when she awoke. She remembered her first terrifying moments in this time, running about the castle’s walls in the human quarters, looking for anyone, any living soul alive. Amid the Castles tremorus death throws, she’d searched fruitlessly for a person who’d tell the tale of how the castle had fallen to this state.
    And unlike the lost child, who instantly regains hope upon seeing the parent, there was no one here to tell Salmaris that she was anything but lost, lost in a strange world among strangers.

    Salmaris’ somber contemplation was interrupted by the sound of laughter bellow.
    Stretching her weary arms, she climbed down the ladder well to see what had further brightened the spirits of the humans, and their elven companion.

    She was sure of one thing, though - this brand of human had the best food she'd ever tasted!

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  • Salmaris was joined shortly by Flynn, Trinias and Moonshadow; the four of them stood at the railing, watching the city draw closer.

    Eventually, the balloon came to rest over it's usual mooring spot, and several of the crew dropped ropes to the waiting crowd. Someone ran to inform the patrons of the tavern of their return. Everyone returned to their quarters to pack up their gear, then assembled by the drop hatch.

    Talm addressed the group. "Well, everybody, thank you all for coming on my little expedition; I think we can call it a major success!"

    "You're welcome, Talm," Flynn replied, and most of the others noded in agreement. "Personally, this trip has done me the world of good."

    Without further ado, they opened the drop hatch and began winching items down to the ground.

    Trinias climbed down the rope ladder, and disappeared into the crowd; he returned shortly, driving a small wagon, with the rest of the Ronin riding along. Flynn joined them, and together - with some willing help from the crowd - they began loading the Ronin's supplies, books and the bolt of kefron; Ulf managed to pick the heavy bundle up by himself, and dropped it on the bed of the wagon. "Careful," Trinias cautioned, as the wagon shook under the impact.

    After helping all the others unload their gear, they prepared to leave. Flynn waved to the rest of the aviators. "We'll probably meet you all in the Alraeican Tavern, later!"

    He turned to Moonshadow. "Coming?"

    "No, I'm going back to Pnyx," she replied. "I want to tell Lindus all about the Castle. I'll meet you all later." She waved at the others, and teleported away.

    The Ronin set off back to their barracks.

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  • Ferazel hadn't gotten out of the baloon yet, and Talm wondered where he had gotten to. Talm looked up at the window where Ferazel had last been seen at. Ferazel was there, sleeping. He had falled asleep almost exactly before the balloon had landed. Talm also noted that Ferazel was leaning at a steep angle out the window! Ferazel, still asleep, fell out, and down, down, down. Landing on the ground on his back, he popped away in blue smoke. Earlier, he had swapped back, but after he had talked with Salmaris. The real Ferazel exited the balloon, and he teleported away for Pnyx.

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  • Talm, a tad bit weary from his early, and unpleasant, awakening, decided to head for the tavern and enjoy a refreshment.
    Wolfie, who had been left on the balloon* was enjoying a nap in the sun on the balcony.

    As Talm walked into the tavern, he noticed some new faces. There was an elf or two, and some others that look interesting. How much things can change in such a short time!

    Pondering the reality of that fact, Talm took a chair at a table. Velcarn was already seated there, and he was engaged in explaining the history of the tavern to Salmaris, who seemed nervous around the large array of strangers.

    “Well, what do you think of the Tavern, Salmaris?” Asked Talm.

    “Interesting...” She said, but her mind was not entirely on the situation at hand.

    Talm relaxed in his chair and ordered a drink, enjoying the feeling one gets from a successful accomplishment.

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    • It’s house - er, balloon - trained!

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  • Brink meanwhile headed to Cademia, eagar to see how his trading business was doing. He walked into his office, finding his partner puzzling over numbers. "Harper, old friend, I'm back." Harper quickly looked up and saw Brink. "Welcome back! Business has been good but Exar boasted his price to 6 oboloi so I told him to go to Comana and switched to Dare's. Then Magpie wanted some more jester caps so we ordered them but the shipment got delayed by some bandits. Right after that Exar tried to get back at us by lowering his prices but I went and bought so much he went bankrupt. I also ordered the mercenaries after the bandits, but it turned a little nasty, so I had to go and find them some life insurance. Also, Alaric sent you a letter and Kosha wants you to go and inspect there emergency stores " As Harper finished saying this Brink replied "Harper?" "Yes?" "You need to get out more."

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  • And so, our heroes returned safely from their journey, ready for a little relaxation, or perhaps more adventure, at their discretion.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

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