The Air-Castle (TS)

  • Gwydion jumped to his feet and ran up to the side of the balloon.

    "Give me cover!" he yelled as he got closer to the awful monster.

    Flynn and Brink distracted the bird, and although they both nearly lost their heads, literally, to the bird, Gwydion was close enough to put the dagger through the bird.

    But where? Gwydion thought. This dagger couldn't pierce the infinitely hard flesh of the bird!

    Gwydion's mind was made up instantly. He had seen a tiny slit in the bird's chest. He jumped to the side to avoid being decapitated and thrust the knife in the slit with all the strength he had. There was no immediate effect.

    He jumped backwards, stumbled, and fell, only to be grabbed by the bird. He struggled with all his might, but could not free himself of the bird's talons. He kicked and screamed but to no avail.

    At the last second, when he felt that his head was being torn from its neck, there was an enormous, green glow and the balloon, along with all its contents, were hurled back several hundred feet by the blast. A torrential wind swept the bird out of the air, and with six lightning bolts from the sky, the bird glowed brighter. It enlarged and enlarged, almost as though it were being inflated by a pump. It finally gave out an almighty screech and there was a BOOM! as the sky flashed blood red and the bird was gone. Only a few feathers were left on the balloon...and what amazing feathers they would prove to be.

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  • Moonshadow pressed her bow into Trinias' hands, and rushed over to Flynn - who was lying on the deck, impaled through the stomach by one of the extremely tough feathers. Flynn screamed in agony as she tried to pull it out; she stopped quickly, looking even paler than usual.

    "It's acting like it's barbed, and I fear it's poisoned," she said. "I'll have to push it through the other side."

    Flynn nodded, and clenched his teeth. Moonshadow gently touched the point of penetration, and the area on Flynn's back where the feather would come out; a cold, soothing numbness spread over both areas, and seemed to connect right through his stomach. Moonshadow took hold of the feather and pushed. Flynn gritted his teeth; the pain was still considerable - but just bearable, thanks to Moonshadow's icy anaesthetic.

    Flynn lay back with his eyes closed, as Moonshadow pressed her hands to the entry and exit wounds, and began a healing.

    "Your hands," he murmured as his consciousness faded. "For once they feel warm..."


    Still unconscious, Flynn was made comfortable in the library. Moonshadow was sitting in an armchair, watching over him and drinking peppermint tea, when Leandra climbed up the ladder. She nodded to Moonshadow, and sat where she could watch them both.

    After a few minutes, she broke the silence. "I was very jealous of you at first, you know. I always knew he wasn't really mine, but I kept hoping..."

    Moonshadow raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

    Leandra cocked her head to one side, half-smiling. "No, you really don't, do you! It'll be fun watching you find out!" She chuckled, as Moonshadow blushed.

    "Anyway," Leandra continued, "you'll get no trouble from me. I realised, back in Pnyx, that I really like you; and I want - that is, I hope - to be your friend..." Her voice trailed off in uncertainty.

    Moonshadow came and knelt beside Leandra's chair, grasping both of Leandra's hands in both of her own. "Of course we're friends! After everything we've all been through together, how could you doubt it?"

    "Oh, I'm so glad!" Leandra exclaimed, and gave Moonshadow a hug. Moonshadow returned to her seat, and they both resumed their vigil.

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  • The blast didn't do any damage to the balloon, or so it seemed. Gwydion, still on the balcony, noticed that the balloon was dropping. Ferazel, testing another spell of his, casted a Feather Fall spell on the balloon. He took mass mana, but the balloon stopped falling as quick.
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  • Velcarn walked around the balloon's perimiter. He took a dizying look over the railing at the fog and sea. He was inturpted by a tap on his back.

    "Yes?" he asked, turning around to face the tapper, Talm.

    "Trinas* and I are going to mend a farly minor hole at the top of the balloon - it's preventing us from reaching full aliude. We could use some help."

    "Count me in, I'll get my tools!" Velcarn said.


    Talm and Wolmark emerged from the ladder well a few minutes later, carring a ladder of unusual make - it looked like it was made of metal, and it was fitted at the top with a pair of hooks.

    Velcarn directed them onto the deck.
    As the ladder was lifed into place, with the two hooks meshing with two loops on the balloon's side, Trians asked of Talm:
    "Talm, how are we going to climb the balloon? That ladder isn't near tall enough!"

    "It attaches to a rope ladder on the side - we'll then scale that and reach the third lateral rope-ring. We'll then shimmy around on the rope untill we get to the hole. From there we'll have to be dynamic."

    Dynamic indeed thought Velcarn. More like Random , but he was so curious that he put the worry aside.


    The group, climbed the ladder and began asending the balloon. They knew they'd be hanging from the ladder most of the way, due to the shape of the balloon, and that for all but the first twenty feet they'd not be over the cabin - if they fell, they'd be gone for good.

    Talm, leading the way, came to a mark on te side of the balloon. It was in red ink.
    "1 RING" Talm read.
    "We've reached the first ring - two more to go!" He explained.

    As Velcarn climbed passed the mark, he noticed what it refered to - a ring of two ropes around the balloon's side, used to transverse it horizontaly. He gulped at the thought of using them, as their position on the balloon ment that the user would be hanging.

    Soon they passed the second ring, and a short while later they were no longer hanging there weight on the ladder, but climbing in a conventional sense, making things much easier.

    "How much longer till we reach the third ring?" asked Trianis.
    "Not much - but the ring will be the hardest part - and most dangerious." Talm replied.


    Soon they were on the lateral ring, making good time.
    Talm looked down at the fog bellow. From here he couldn't see the cabin, as it was obstructed by the balloon's girth.

    They'd be at the hole in minutes.

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  • Talm arived at the hole on the side. It was four feet accross, and belched hot air.

    Talm shimmied further down, puting Velcarn in the Middle, and Trianis on the right. Attached by reinforced belts to the ring, so as to have their hands free, they proceeded to attach a patch.
    The though hide of the balloon was coated in a light smattering of heat-resistant, and some other substance to make it air-tight. They worked for about a half hour, and soon the patch was in place.

    The group desended soon afterward and returned to the cabin, sweety and tired, but alive.
    They headed for the showers, exausted.

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  • *** OoC ***


    Originally posted by Velcarn:
    **I was going to use Flynn, but I was unsure if he's well enough.

    Quite right, he was still unconscious; the job was more in Trinias' line, anyway. You might want to check your spelling of 'Trinias', though - you've got it spelt three different ways! ;)
    *** BiC ***

    Having determined on standing the dawn watch, Flynn's internal clock woke him at the appropriate time. He stiffened, remembering the pain - the last thing he'd felt before losing consciousness - then relaxed again, as he felt nothing but the warmth from the blankets of his bedroll.

    He sat up, looking around the library. Leandra was asleep in one chair, and Moonshadow was sitting in another, staring into space; she blinked, her eyes refocussing as he rose.

    "How are you feeling?" she enquired, standing to examine where the wound had been.

    "Just fine," Flynn replied. "Thanks, once again." Moonshadow smiled. "You should have gotten some sleep, though," Flynn continued, "did you forget we had the dawn watch?"

    "Oh, I'd forgotten; I didn't know if you'd be up to it, anyway."

    Flynn smiled. "You should have more faith in your own abilities."

    "I did sleep, though," she continued. "Elves can enter a restful state like sleep, but remain aware of what goes on around them." Flynn raised his eyebrows; he was rather impressed.

    They quietly climbed down out of the library, careful not to disturb Leandra, then went out onto the balcony; the previous watchers acknowledged their arrival, and disappeared back to their beds.

    Flynn gazed around. The storm could be dimly seen in the distance, much further away than it had been during the day; the winds around the fringe had driven the balloon southward, out of its direct path. Directly overhead the sky was perfectly clear, the moon and stars shining brightly down on them.

    Flynn turned to look at Moonshadow. He'd often imagined that she'd look most lovely by moonlight; he was pleased to see he'd been right. The silvery moonlight, shining on her even more silvery hair, was a stunning effect.

    Moonshadow felt his intense gaze, and glanced back at him. "What is it?" Even in the pale moonlight he could see her blushing.

    "Nothing, just checking a theory."

    He looked around at the sky again, seeing nothing that could directly threaten the balloon. A mildly chill wind blew around them, and he felt his skin break out in goose-bumps. "You're perfectly comfortable with this temperature, aren't you" he commented, glancing back at Moonshadow once more.

    "Of course! Compared to Fir'dha, this is almost tropical!" She looked at him consideringly. "Someday, I'll have to show you my world."

    "Yes," he repied. "I'd like that."

    Altogether too soon, dawn broke over the eastern horizon.

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  • With the coming of the dawn, A wonderful sight manifested itself:
    The air-castle, in verdiant stone, stood suspended upon nothing. The dawn light played across it's gilded spires, and the largest of the domed spires glowed warmly.

    They'd arrived!

    The exited group began to make ready the zephlin, and gathered theire things for the first excursion.

    The Air-Castle can be seen at: (url="http://"")http://homepage.mac....ures/castle.gif(/url)

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  • ** OoC : Talm: There are many things about the balloon you -could- explain, you know. Keeping the hole; thanks. I'll use my spells in another place. :D **

    Ferazel, saying to the group that he'd scout ahead to see the best area to land the zephlin. He made his way to the rope that connected the two balloons, and climbed to the zephlin. There, he made himself as close to the air castle as he could from a window, and jumped out. He plummeted fast at first, and several heads popped out to see what was going to happen to him. He yelled out a spell, and he stopped falling, and hung suspended in midair. He fluttered his arms, somewhat like a bird, and somehow, he flew through the air. Getting close to the air-castle, he found a reasonable landing spot and flew back to Talm's balloon. Shouting another spell, the effects of his spell wore off. Before telling them how to reach this spot, he bowed and said that he'd never run out of his little tricks.

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  • Within about twenty minutes, they had the zeppelin parked beneath and to one side of the balloon; a rope ladder had been lowered from the bottom hatch, and looped down and across to the basket of the small airship.

    Wolmark looked around at the ten other people gathered in the main living area of the balloon. "We'll do it in three trips, four passengers on the first two trips and two with supplies for the last, plus me to operate the zeppelin. Talm, it's your expedition, so you can go first; now who else is going in the first trip?"

    Eventually it was decided that Talm would be accompanied by Dell, Trinias, and Ferazel. Leandra, Gwydion, Brink and Velcarn were on the second. Flynn and Moonshadow opted to go last, much to Leandra's amusement.

    Once the first group was aboard and the ladder cast off, Wolmark flew the zeppelin up and over the castle wall, bringing it to a stop above the gardens. The passengers quickly climbed down the ladder, and Wolmark returned for the next load.

    Talm looked around, expecting at any moment to see armed guards come running to arrest them for trespassing. Trinias apparently shared his concern. "I wish Kwon were here, to tell us if there's anyone around!"

    Wolmark returned with the second load, then went back for the last time.

    "Where is everybody?" Gwydion asked.

    "We haven't seen anyone yet," Ferazel replied.

    "That doesn't make any sense," Brink muttered, "who'd build something like this, and then abandon it?"

    Wolmark arrived with the last load; he dropped an anchor, then threw a rope to Velcarn. Velcarn tied the rope to a convenient tree. Flynn and Wolmark lowered the supplies on more ropes while Moonshadow climbed down the rope ladder, then climbed down themselves.

    The whole group looked around, wondering where to begin.

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  • Talm surveyed the castle. No one seemed to be about, and the place looked as if it had been abandoned for a hundred years.

    It was suggested that the row of workshops might prove interesting, and the group concurred.


    They approached one of the shops. It was boarded up, and needed a coat of paint. A sign, inscribed with unknown characters, hung above the doorway. It also depicted a airship! Not as large as Talm's balloon, and about equal in size to Wolmark's craft, the scale evidenced by a human figure in the picture.

    They cut through the door, and were presented with an amazing sight:
    In the building was stored a airship!

    It was obviously under construction, as most of the cabin remained to be built. Hanging from another wall was a deflated air-bag, and various brass tanks sat on the opposite wall. But the most striking future of the room was it’s floor - the majority of the floor was a huge trap-door, which was laying open at the time. They could see the clouds trough the door, probably used to bring Airships into the workshop. Two spindles wound with thick rope were used to open and shut the bay.

    Like a children in a candy store, Talm and Wolmark, and for that matter all of them, inspected the paraphenia in the shop. Wolmark noted that the draw-spindles for the bay were operated by an engine of some sort - and that it was connected to a pipe leading down to the ground. A similar pipe lead to a compressor on the other side of the room, which was connected to the tanks.

    Flynn made his was across the catwalk to the airship-in-construction. It’s cabin was slightly smaller than Wolmark’s, and the back was dominated a a small boiler. On the sides of the cabin rested two propellers, awaiting the installation of the gearing and belts that would connect them to the central engine.

    Suddenly, Wolmark called out.

    “Hey, look at this!”

    They walked over to his position, and saw what had attracted his attention:
    Among the tools on one of the benches lay a parchment scroll, covered by a map of the castle. A handy thing in deed!

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  • Walking out of the airship house, Wolmark examined the map. "Let's see here." he said, "I might want to stop by the lab they have." Ferazel took a peek at the map, and ran off to the east. He pulled open a door, and it shut with a loud thud behind him. Wolmark looked at the map. Ferazel had gone into the chemistry shop. "There'll be noone there." Talm said. Later, Ferazel came out, with vials of fluids poking out of every pocket and thing resembling a pocket on him, not to mention a few summoned pouches stuffed with vials. Everyone laughed, except for Ferazel because he had two vials in his mouth. "Cnn I ptt thse nn thh zephiln?" he asked through the vials. Flynn took them out of his mouth. "Thank you." he said, "Can I put all these vials in the zephlin, they'll come in handy for some alchelmy." "Sure," Wolmark said, "Just as long as I don't find any broken glass or liquid on the floor." Ferazel ran off to the zephlin, barely muttered his Spell of Flight, and somehow fluttered up without breaking a vial. He returned several minutes later. Looking at the map, Talm guessed that the group should look around for the Shard. Everyone split up, and headed off in different directions.

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  • Wolmark looked once more around the airship-house, then left to visit the lab. Valcarn, heading for the forge, walked with him.

    "I feel really uneasy," Valcarn commented. "I can't imagine why this place would be abandoned!"

    "Me either," Wolmark replied. "Yet there are signs that it happened deliberately - boarded up windows, that sort of thing. Whatever the reason, they had plenty of time to pack."

    They arrived at what Wolmark thought of as the 'West' wing, and Valcarn entered the forge. Wolmark made a short detour to the gas storage room, next to the laboratory. It was fairly uninteresting, even for him; just rows upon rows of brass cylinders, with valves on the top.

    He turned one slightly, allowing a small stream of the invisibe gas to escape, and made a spark; nothing happened. He raised his eyebrows. "What kind of gas -"

    He noticed his voice had a distinctly higher tone then normal. "Helium!" he sqeaked, and shut off the valve.

    He moved next door, to the lab. There was a great deal of apparatus and documentation there; he eventually found what he was looking for: notes on the collection of helium gas. It was a much harder process than the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen, but potentially so much safer. He began stuffing page after page into his bag.


    Trinias stepped out from the airship-house, and looked up at the observation tower on the side that Wolmark had headed towards. Being a forrester, he liked to climb things; and he suspected that the view from up there would be spectacular!

    There was a door in that corner at the base of the tower, and Trinias was soon inside. He found himself in a large hallway, with a flight of stairs leading up. The hall ended in a T-junction, with corridors extending left and right. Trinias unhesitatingly went up.

    The stairs extended upward for two more floors. Once at the top level, Trinias made for a point as close to the centre as he could. He checked several doors, until he found one that led to a square stairwell, that extended up as far as he could see. He began to climb.


    Leandra pondered the map; there was nothing that particularly appealed to her, but she decided she might as well check out the textile mill. She exited the airship-house, and turned right.

    The mill was rather uninteresting, except for a large bolt of a peculiar material. It looked like cotton, but seemed to be woven in multiple layers. It was also quite tough. She tried applying some heat to a small area; nothing happened.

    She began to look around for something that gave instructions on how to make this material, but there was nothing like that here; presumably, that sort of thing would be in a library somewhere.

    She went to look for someone to help carry the heavy bundle of cloth.


    Flynn glanced over the map. "I want to see how these people lived, perhaps find some literature, or a history," he commented. He stepped out, and began making his way through the gardens toward the mansion on the other side. Moonshadow walked with him.

    The gardens were thoroughly overgrown, he noticed, as they wended their way along the twisting path. Moonshadow absently plucked a white flower, and twirled it between her fingers as they walked.

    Eventually, they reached the mansion. Making their way inside, they saw that all the furniture was covered in dust sheets; whatever the reason for the occupant's departure, it certainly wasn't rushed. The care taken also implied that they'd intended to return someday; Flynn wondered what could have prevented them.

    They made their way through the many rooms, each alternately calling the other to come and look at something they'd found. Finally, they discovered the library.

    Flynn looked over the book titles, and frowned. "What is it?" Moonshadow asked.

    "These books; just like the map, they're all written in the Cytheran language. These people must have had some connection to Cythera."

    He began collecting books on various topics that would interest his friends. Chemistry and physics for Wolmark, medicinal texts for Leandra, a book of instruction in a new martial art for Kwon. At last he found what he wanted himself - a history of the people of the castle.

    Moonshadow started at the same point as Flynn, and worked the other way. There seemed to be very little on magic, these people appeared more interested in science and mechanics - and that gave her an idea. She quickly picked out a few of the more basic books dealing with those subjects. Flynn looked at her questioningly. "For Katze," She explained.

    "Ah," Flynn nodded. "Good idea!"

    They both resumed perusing the shelves.

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  • While looking through the books, Moonshadow absent-mindedly stuck the flower into her hair, brushing some annoyingly lose strands back again. She'd have to re-braid her hair. Eventually, she came to the conclusion that there was nothing more of interest in the library. She put the books into the bag she'd wisely brought along, and handed it to Flynn. He looked at her questioningly. "For your books." She explained, smiling.
    Flynn nodded gratefully, also putting his books into the - now pretty stuffed - bag. "Will it carry that weight?"
    "Sure." Moonshadow replied. "But I won't." She added.
    Flynn frowned. "Do you think I'd have let you?"
    Moonshadow laughed, and turned to the door. Looking back over her shoulder she asked. "Shall we go and see what the others are doing?"
    Flynn nodded and took the bag, and they left the library.
    Shortly after, they were standing in front of the mansion, facing the central spire. Moonshadow stood still, her gaze wandering up to the chamber atop the spire. She could sense the Shard up there, and it stirred her excitement. There would be nothing wrong about just taking a look at it, would there? Talm surely wouldn't mind, would he? Sunconsciously, she set into motion again.
    Flynn looked around, pondering where everyone went. The row of small buildings to the west, with the laboratoriy and the forge, seemed a safe try. "I think we should try those buildings over there." He suggested, pointing. He waited for a reply for a few moments, then turned his head to look at Moonshadow. "Moonshadow?" He looked around again, but saw nobody. "Moonshadow! Where are you?" He repeated, louder this time. Still no reply. He was sure that nothing had happened to her, but he still was woried at her sudden disappearance.
    The eerie, shrill call of an unknown bird pierced the silence, and, looking up, he saw a small-sized bird which very much resembled a falcon, except that its plumage was silvery-white. It was circling around the spire as if looking for something. Suddenly it turned off, flying a wide circle to elegantly sweep down at the garden. It almost grazed the ground once, close to him, but flew up again, unharmed.
    He rose his arm as he watched the bird return and it landed on his outstretched hand, dropping a small, round object on his palm, cocking its head slightly. Flynn stared at the silver ring, and then into the bird's amber eyes, indignantly. "You should have warned me beforehand!" He scolded, visibly relieved.
    The bird rustled its wings in a nonchalant gesture, then hopped off of his arm. It glowed brightly, and Moonshadow stood before him, smiling her most charming smile. "Calm down! It wouldn't have been fun!"
    "Fun?" Flynn asked, incrediously. He took a step towards Moonshadow. "That's what you're calling fun?" Moonshadow backed away, smiling nervously. "Anyways, shouldn't we look for the others?"
    Flynn frowned, and Moonshadow took one more step backwards, hoping she'd not crossed a line there. She sighed with relief as Flynn smiled, not noticing the mischievous. "Okay." He nodded in agreement. "But I'll show you for scaring me like that!" He laughed as he saw Moonshadow's eyes widening, just before she turned and fled down the path towards the western buidings. Still laughing, he set off after her.

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  • Opps... sorry MS, I hope this didn't mess up anything you planed... I didn't see your 'reserved note' until after I posted... it only uses 2 people, though...

    Velcarn approached the forge. It was boarded up. He gave the boards a good, solid, kick.

    Vercarn recoiled in pain. He grabed his leg and proceeded to dance around like a decapitated chicken for a scant few seconds before resolving that it wouldn't help the pain and sitting down. He quaffed somthing in a little flask that he'd been given - an herbal brew that Talm claimed worked wonders. The pain subsided, though he was left with a horendious taste in his mouth.

    Velcarn exaimined the cracked boards. The kick should have more than broke them, but it hadn't. Then he saw the cause - the door itself was reenforced with metal. Rubbing his sore foot one last time, he got up and proceded to look for a more civilized means of entry.


    Talm trailed off to the large dominating spire in the center of the castle. It was made of briliant white marble, trimed in gold rings every twenty feet. The spire was topped with a gilded, shining dome, which was possesed of window-slits around it's perimiter. Theses would allow air to pass freely through the dome. Sadly, none we large enough to pass through.

    Talm circled the tower, and came to the doors. The were made of marble, framed in metal, and at least eight inches thick. They were set in tracks that would make moving it possable. Still, there were no evedent external controls. Disapointed, Talm noticed Leandra luging a huge bolt of colth. He walked over to lend a hand.


    Well, feel free to explore will-nilly all over the castle, exept the central spire. Thanks!

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  • Brink meanwhile didn't head for a specific place. He wandered around the castle, aimlessly, but realized it would be good to find himself a sword that he could use. Moonshadow would be want her's back so...
    Brink sneezed, disgusted with what he had found. He had searched several rooms without finding so much as a dagger. All he had seen as beds, dressers, with nothing of worth in it. He than came to a chest, that was locked. "Ah." thought Brink, "something good must be in there." He shivered, as he looked about the abandoned castle, feeling guilty, but the thoughts of finding something importent pushed him on. He cast Unlock and quickly opened it. He looked in. A sword!. He pulled it out eagerly. His face fell, it was just a swords handle, a good one, but no blade. Brink cursed his luck, but examined the handle. There was some sort of button on it. Brink pressed it, and a moment later was very glad the place where the blade would have been hadn't been pointed at him, for now there was a blade, a blade of pure light. Eager to test it he used it on the chest and felt no resistance was the chest was cut in half. Nice, thought Brink. He pressed the button again and the blade disappeared. Very nice. Brink rushed off to find the others, to show them his new sword, when he realized he had company....
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  • Brink looked at the thing that stood before him. It was eight feet tall, and covered in gold armor. It had no face, but it welded a impressave glowing sword, not much unlike the one he'd picked up.

    A golem? Brink thought.

    No, to smart he added mentaly as the creture almost sliced him in half.

    He turned and came up from behind it. With a slicing motion, he activated the sword and plunged it into the back of the automaton. Unphased, it attempted retaliation with a attack on Brink's shoulder. Thankfully, the blow only grazed him. It was his last ditch attack that saved him: He thrust the glowing wepion into the thing's brass neck.

    With a hiss, the machine fell over, defeated.

    Brink moved to exaimine the remains.

    Sorry, there are no organic inhabitants, and not that many inorganic gaurds, feel free to play aorund with the concept of them. Wolmark and/or Talm woould probobly like to exaimine those remains.

  • The last everyone had noted of Ferazel was him taking a walk to the north-east side. A few others were in that general area, and noted some noises of pleasure coming from the front of the mansion. A large pool of water was there, with various increments of depth. Off to one side of it, there was a smaller pool, and Ferazel was in it. The water was bubbling and fizzing, and Ferazel was enjoying it greatly.

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  • "I was right," Trinias thought to himself. "The view is spectacular!"

    Looking out away from the castle, there was nothing but clouds and sky as far as the eye could see. Trinias just gazed and gazed - until he was distracted by the sound of laughter from down below. Moving to the side of the tower facing inward, he saw a blonde haired, darkly dressed figure chasing a figure in white along the paths in the garden.

    He grinned to himself. This was a side of Flynn he'd never seen before, but he wholeheartedly approved. It wasn't just the two of them, either - this place seemed to be having an uplifting effect* on all of the adventurers. He turned back for one last look around the sky, then began to descend the stairs.


    Wolmark exited the laboratory, with his satchel stuffed full of papers; his attention was caught by the sound of laughter coming from the direction of the mansion. Peering over that way, he saw Flynn and Moonshadow playing some kind of game - he was chasing her through the garden, and they were both laughing incessantly.

    "I wonder how Leandra's taking this?" Wolmark asked himself. He looked over toward the zeppelin, where Leandra was sitting on a large roll of some kind of cloth. She caught his eye and waved, grinning broadly.

    "I guess she's taking it pretty well!" He thought, wondering just when and where she'd developed this change in attitude.

    Flynn and Moonshadow disappeared behind the tower, just as he seemed about to catch her. "Hey, that's cheating!" Wolmark heard Flynn call out. A few minutes later Flynn reappeared, strolling over toward the zeppelin; there was a strange white bird perched on his shoulder.

    "Where in Cythera did he find a tame albino falcon?" Wolmark muttered to himself.


    The four Ronin - and one small bird - were gathered together beneath the zeppelin; they'd each shared what they'd found with the others.

    "I want to check that library before we go," Leandra said, "it might have something on this cloth."

    Flynn nodded. "This place is so large, and has so many rooms, it'll take a few days to completely explore. There's no need to be uncomfortable, though, we found plenty of space in the mansion."

    "Where is Moonshadow, anyway?" Leandra asked.

    Flynn just grinned.


    *Pun very much unintended, but I rather enjoyed it anyway! ;)

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  • ** OoC. Habanabits in pools; what'll they think of next? :D **

    Ferazel climbed out of the pool, dried himself, and started to walk towards the mansion. Still wanting to test some of his spells, he casted Spell of Flight on himself. He began to rise up unexpently. He hit his head with a big "Ouch!" and started plummeting to the ground. He found he was out of mana when he tried to cast Feather Fall and fell about 20 feet. Thinking, he tried a trick to break his fall, but doing so broke his ankle on his right foot. With no mana and a broken foot, he was stuck on the front of the mansion. Waiting for mana was no good; even with his quicker mana generator. It took too slow, and the closest healing spell to cure him was about 50 mana away. Trying to yell out, he was too weak. His only hope was to get in the mansion and try to rest…

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  • Velcarn Peered into the dusty forge. It had a furnace the likes of which he had never seen - tall and clyndrical, and with no obvious fuel source - just a couple tubes at the base.

    He moved to a second, more conventional forge. Although it was powered by tubes, like the other, it had the parts he recognized. Laying on a nearby table were bars of a metal he’d never seen before. Since they were quite large, he used both hands to pick it up. He pulled back with the strength needed to lift a bar of iron, and was quite surprised when it took off from the table as if it had been made of wood.*

    Velcarn braced himself and returned the block to the table. In the weak light he could see that the color was unlike that of iron, shiny but warmer than silver. He removed a old gouge from his tool belt and attempted to score the metal. No luck - it wouldn’t scrape. Fascinated, he picked up the smallest of the bars and stowed it in his backpack.

    Velcarn cimbed out the window and joined his companions.

    *Ever done this with a glass of water you thought was full but wasn’t?

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