The tale of the Treasure

  • The torches flickered, sending eerie shadows around the council meeting being held. The small clearing surrounded by a ring of trees was well hidden from view, and the ideal spot for a meeting as the twilight settled.

    Comarus stood in front of twelve men, some his own, some from various parts of Cythera.

    "We've gone over the implications of failure now, and what must be done. You've all voted to strike at the enemy, and we must strike hard. These...creatures of men have a strange telepathy connection to their leaders. It makes for extremely coordinated moves, and tactical strikes. Unfortunately, if a disaster were to somehow happen to their leaders...chaos would ensue. Its up to us to kill the leaders.

    "There are four of them, each must be slain simultaneously, so they don't have time to raise the alarm. Now, this is the tricky part, to minimize detection we can only slip in the minimum amount of men required. Thus, I need 4 people to assassinate each of the four leaders." Comarus went on to describe the layout of the camp, that the scouts had reported on earlier in the day. Each of the four leaders were at opposite ends of the middle of the camp.

    Twilight was fading to blackness as a dark cloud seemed to come out of nowhere, blanketing the world. An evil sense seemed to hover in the air about the council. Comanus had finished describing the camp, and what was to be done for the diversion to get the four men out.

    "Now, we must get going soon, we need to choose the four people that will be the key to victory." Comanus stood, and paced around the group.

    "I will go, for the king." Hadrian stood up.

    "I will go, for the magi." Timon stood up, robes fluttering in the wind.

    "I'll do it." Slayer spoke, as he got to his feet. "I guess for the people."

    "And I will go." Comanus stood as he stared at each. "For the lives of others that you will never meet or see again. It is decided, you have one hour to get ready."

    The night hung with tension, thick as ever.

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

  • The following posts were taken from a different topic concluding this epic tale, but are repeated here for convienance:

    Desert Fox ignored the muderous pain that jolted through his body at every single step and half-step that he took. Each of the jolts took him to the edge of death though he struggled on and kept standing.
    It was at this point that Dethelon had discovered his error. He had let open the one place that could kill DF but in that same place lay his death too. With the determination that DF had, Dethelon was sure that he would make it at this rate. He was too preoccupied to even consider Avatara at this point. He finally had the bastard who had helped Avatara escape his grasp and the same one who had activated the powers of the other temples. It was this one who was weakening him and this one that could kill him. His shattered body and mind was only being held up by the powers twisted into his camp from the fallen ones. He had to be destroyed.
    Though concentrating on breaking the evil's hold over the realms, Avatara still saw what was going on around him. Dethelon was so concentrated on his magic on DF that he was not moving at all. DF was surrounded by a dark green aura. He seemed to be jolted every few seconds but was steadfastly moving towards something. What it was Avatara didn't know. All that he knew was that DF was giving it all to give him the time needed. He redoubled his efforts when he thought of this.
    The ancient sword. The one bestowed by Avatara to him. Talos slashed the glimmering sword through the air. It was needed to break the crystal and evil's final grasp on Cythera, just as Avatara was attempting to break it's grasp on this other realm. This sword was special even before Avatara added his own power to it. The dragons were immortal to all works of mortals but this sword was something else. Yrigidonni was being beaten up there but Talos could help. Through the sword he somehow told Yrigidonni to pick him up. The thrashed dragon surely heard him and dove as fast as possible with the other two screaming on his tail. Talos hopped onto his back and they took off upwards this time. The black dragons overshot them and smashed into the ground. They quickly recovered and shot up after Yrigidonni and Talos. Talos was hanging on as the climb became almost vertical. They were a couple hundred feet over the ground at this point and the evil dragons were closing in on them fast. It was then that Talos let go and fell...
    And landed, blade first, on the closest black dragon. The blade pierced the skin smoothly, be it from the magic in it or from the pure force of the fall. The angle of the slash was brutal, starting at the side of where the neck meets the body to about halfway cutting the damn thing in half. The sword then sent jolts of holy power through the evil beast. The sword was not the work of a mortal after all. It was purely a heavenly blade. But even if it was, it still didn't teach him how to fly. The temporary ride he had was faltering fast and was soon going down instead of up. With all his power, Talos leapt high off and to the left of the beast, hoping for some miracle to happen. Happen it did, Yrigidonni was watching as he ran from the other dragon, dodging its flame attacks, and saw the vicious slash done by Talos. He also saw Talos had no way of living from the fall so he led the chase Over to that direction. Talos landed with a hard thud on Yrigidonni's back which sent him faltereing down a few feet but overall alright. Unfortunantly, the other dragon saw his buddy's demise and wasn't about to fall for the same trick.
    Rogan ran through the cave quickly. It reminded him of some ancient fortresses in Cythera as it was quite well defended from enemy attacks. Well defended, that is, if it had any guards. Somehow, he knew where the room was. He followed pure instincts and found a massive gem pile. A large, roundish ligh blue crystal stood out from the rest. As Rogan drew his sword to smash it, it changed to dark blue. The rest changed colors too. Then again. Then again. By this time Rogan was thouroughly confused but that only lasted until he turned around. A mage was behind him. Playing mind games. Rogan quickly conjured up a spell to relax himself and bring up his concentration. The mage finally stopped warping around and the gems stopped their color changing.
    "I have been here for the past 5 years protecting these gems. You will die for coming here" the mysterious mage said.
    Quickly Rogan powered up his mind. Massive ice strikes and thunder jolts were seemingly only one step behind his protection. He continued dodging for a few seconds more. Then he made his more. The mage seemed exceedingly powerful with magic. Therefore Rogan made his most potent fireball and flung it at his enemy. The mage laughed as he brushed off the strike but then gasped as he saw Rogan's sword 3 inches from him about to split his face.
    The two prong attack worked like a charm. The mage was no longer one while Rogan set to cleaning his sword.
    "Must have been weak and dumb attackers if you are the only protection they sent" Rogan muttered at his fallen enemy.
    He moved swiftly to the gems again and found the light blue one. It was medium, emerald cut stone. He set it on a metal platform and struck it with his sword. No effect. He did it over and over again and it still had no effect. He hunted around the area and found a massive war hammer. He used that again and again but still, not even a dent.
    "Perfect, I am supposed to smash an unbreakable stone" Rogan shouted out as he almost let his frustrations take over him. Then he remembered Avatara telling him that only his sword would be able to cut it.
    "Damn, I wanted to be the one to do the fun work"
    Meanwhile Talos and a worn out Yrigidonni were fighting off the evil dark dragon. The slashes seemed to work but not to the same potent effect done with the attack on the other dragon. After defending from 30 attacks, Yrigidonni told him to leave. His told him that he was dying but he could do one last thing before his death. Talos quickly understood and bolted into the cave. He knew that the most powerful dragons, when about to be killed, would summon all their powers, even the ones already used, into one final attack. These attacks were more powerful the older the dragon was. Therefore, this would be probably the strongest attack ever made. Talos made sure not to even glance back, lest he be blinded by the light. He ran down the halls to meet up with Rogan.
    The final step was made. Lightning struck him again and again as he stood. He grabbed the sacred book and opened it. As the lightning hit him, DF screamed out the individual words. The end result was the field surrrounding him dissipating. The last one's powers were now being refused to their own temples. Dethelon no longer had any power. His body was struggling in a losing battle with gravity. Df fell first. his body had taken so much. His spirit soon faded and DF died. His body seemed different then before though. He had done something. Dethelon saw this and was almost overjoyed. Losing no time, he made an incantation and quickly tried to steal the power that DF had just vacated. Then the power in DF's body went over to Dethelon.
    "" Dethelon gasped as the power hit him
    "" he asked in a shoked expression "N.o.o.o.o..o..o.o..oo........" He shouted as his energy was soon drained from his withering body.
    The greyness then appeared on Dethelon's body and trailed over to DF's body again. It went into his body and disappeared. DF stirred again. His weakened body was no match for anything, far less another battle like that. A smile creeped across his face. This was his ultimate power. He had trained a power like this only once. After learning it, he knew that there would almost never be a need for it. What he had done was to put his life force into the energy and let it be activated by another. Then it would leech that one's life away and return all the life back to DF. A cruel, brutal, dark spell but the only way to win the battle in DF's eye
    " Now stop the dark emporer, Avatara " DF sent out before he started to rest
    Avatara saw the conclusion of the battle and was almost appaled at what had happened. DF had done the most noble deed and released the lost one's powers back to their seal, allowing for another to be named as such. But then he used the dark powers within himself to sap away the rest of Dethelon's life. Appaling but necessary. Now only if he could complete this then all would be saved. Only if, of course, the other finish their missions.
    Kestral and Lindor had their hands full fighting the gigantic beasts. Dark powers seemed to not work too well and the attacks from the beasts were just plain brutal. Slashes in his armor made Lindor know how lucky he was but the fact that it was starting to wear out worried him. Kestral was able to dodge all the attacks but his energyu was starting to wane. The elemental attacks were hurting them but not enough. Then, something happened. Unknown to them, Dethelon had just been killed. The beasts were made by the dark emporer but comtrolled by Dethelon. They were evil but now were enemies to one another as well. The ferocity in their attacks to one another were unmatched. When one finally fell, it seemed that the other was almost out too, that is until it turned to Lindor and Kestral again.

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

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  • Far away, back on the island of Cythera, Comanus crept through the leaves of the forest. The scouts were asleep, probably because they felt their army was large enough that it wouldn't matter if a few people slipped through. Comanus straightened, and then strode into the field.

    Campfires blazed all over, reflecting flickers of light on the greenish-grey tents. Battle-scarred men, if they could be called men, stood around them laughing at jokes. Others wandered from place to place, following their own agenda. Most of them didn't have a uniform, so Comanus was able to blend right in. He strode towards the bigger fires and larger tents in the center. Just from looking around, a blind man could have seen a way to deal heavy damage to this army, by slipping in troops 10 at a time.

    The noise level increased with volume, as did the troops strolling about. There was a thick stench of smoke hanging in the heavy air, and tortured screams came from somewhere.

    The journey seemed to pass by quickly, the noises and sights blending away out of memory. Before he knew it, Comanus was standing in front of a group of twelve officers, sharing ale and talking. Their red-bordered, black armor bore a giant red wheel with twelve spikes, and a skull the color of dried blood. Bony shoulder caps led up to two spikes sticking outward from the shoulders. The sword each bore had a hilt of red intertwining up to a handle with a skull in the center and devil horns to either side. The sheaths were black with a touch of gold. The fire nearby reflected light off of the red metal, casting an evil look on each. The general's tent was off to the side, and screams came from within. A river of dark blood trickled out the door. One of the officers noticed Comanus as he looked up.

    "What'da you want, you scroungy scumbag?"

    "I'm here to see the general." Comanus replied cooly.

    "Well, he doesn't want to see you! Get lost or I'll have to feed them dogs their dinner!"

    "Let me see the general." Comanus spoke, menace in his voice.

    "You still here? Get lost!"

    "Let me see the general."

    "Or what?" The officers laughed, and one threw and empty beer mug at Comanus. Its now or never , he thought as he drew his sword and sprung at the officers. The dazzling sword of gold and silver, blazing with the crest of the Comanus Legion on its hilt swung with a fury that it split the jeering officer's skull cleanly in two, and continued along its path, cleaving off another's jawbone. As Comanus swung his sword down upon a third officer, shards of armor flew everywhere and the man dropped dead with his hand still moving towards his sword.

    In a matter of minutes, all twelve officers were dead, and yet no alarm had been raised. A fight sounded nearby, as men quarrelled over some spoil of the tortured land. Comanus wiped his sword, and his brow, before lifting up the tent flaps and entering inside.

    The inside of the tent reminded Comanus of a large room, decorated with gold furniture and luxury. Off to one side, lay an unused bed, and on the other the general stood, torture mechinisms still in hand, with a newly dead victim tied to the table. A pile of dead was nearby, full of women and men alike. Many gold trimmed, marble basins were filled with blood and candles were lit about each.

    The general stood with shock still on his face. Black dirty hair hung down to his shoulders, braided in the back. The unshaven beard and moustache was brimmed with sweat. There was a scar over his left eye and dried blood on his right cheek.

    "I presume you are here to kill me," he spoke.

    "I am here to rid this land of you and your foul kind!" Comanus replied.

    "Well, even a general needs his exercise once in a while. I'll just add your skull to my collection!" Comanus glanced behind him to notice an alter built of skulls, towering 4 feet high, and wide enough to accomidate several people. It too was filled with dark red blood.

    The general drew his sword and lunged at Comanus yelling a war cry from a long forgotten land. Comanus met with a parry, the clang of steel upon steel echoing loudly as sparks flew from the swords. Comanus replied with an attack of his own, and both were engaged in a fierce swordfight to the death.

    Comanus stood, panting with his sword raised. Across from him, the general stood amongst some overturned and cloven basins, their blood spilled on the dirt beneath and on both fighters. Suddenly, Comanus heard a shout from outside. A young officer returning from an errand had come across the dead officers outside and was sounding an alarm. Far away, another alarm was being sounded as frantic men found two of their beloved generals assassinated in the night. Men scurried to their officer's tents all over, and armed themselves for battle. There was no escape for Comanus now. It was all or nothing.

    The general across from Comanus turned to his blood alter, and speaking a language of horrers, he cast a spell that came from the darkest depths of hell. The eyes of the skulls seemed to glow with a fierce red light as the blood churned and boiled. The general screamed in agony as his spirit was released in a loud burst of steam. Blood splashed and boiled as his spirit was wrenched from this world, in exchange for the gift of immortality...

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

  • As Talos ran deeper into the cave, the walls around him flashed, and there was one final terrible yell. Talos bowed his head, Yrigidonni had been helpful to the end. His final deed, one of the greatest of sacrifices, had probably bought Talos and Rogan time to destroy the crystal.

    Talos rounded the final bend and skidded to a stop. There was jewelry everywhere, and Rogan was standing next to one particular one. A beautiful light blue, masterfully cut crystal was in his hand. Talos ran towards him, but tripped over something unseen, and went sprawling on the floor. Avatara's sword scattered across the floor and clattered to a stop at Rogan's feet. Rogan didn't seem to notice. Talos was finding that he couldn't move, more or less breathe. The crystal was having some kind of power over him...and Rogan.

    Rogan stood, staring at the crystal. He could feel the immense power locked inside, and it was just a grasp away. He could be nearly invincible if he succumed to the will of the crystal, and the twisted magic inside. Nothing else seemed to matter to him as in that moment the fate of many worlds hung.

    Talos, struggling to get in a breath of air, could only gasp meekly "Rogan...". Rogan looked at him, a pitiful creature bound to the floor. He could have the power to make worlds succumb to his will. But something inside clicked, Talos's friendship with Rogan had become a strong one (for the sake of the story ;)) and it seemed that the crystal was, though a path of power and invulnerability, it was the wrong thing to do. No, this is wrong! I can't live with myself if I do accept the crystal and the power within. Rogan dropped the crystal, and picked up the sword. As he gripped the gold entwined hilt with ancient runes and gems blazing, he saw how close he had come to making a terrible mistake. Talos let out a final gasp before slumping unconcious. Now to end this. Rogan thought as he raised the blade.

    To a bystander, it seemed as if one could see bright stars shining as the blade swong down. As it cut cleanly through, there was a bright flash and a tremendous burst of thunder. A white light seemed to shine through the ceiling as a blue cloud arose, and streaks of lightning flew from the crystal. The mist expanded with the howling of tortured souls finally being released from their imprisonment. The whole place shook, and dirt, rocks, and pillars tumbled down. The gold and precious metals in the room seemed to melt away as indigo-enshrouded white lightning arched off the walls and encircled the room. The door with the strange symbols leading deeper in the cavern and the gems placed evenly in a circle seemed untouched by the chaos reigning in the room. Finally, all the energy and power joined into one giant beam and shot off into the center of the engraved circle on the ground in the center of the gems...which glowed white for a brief few seconds before fading away, and the room returned to normal, now containing an awakening Talos, Rogan, the gems and their circle, and the door.

    Rogan dropped Avatara's sword and sighed in relief. The worst was over.

    Comanus parried blow after blow, his strength failing fast. Suddenly, he tripped over an overturned blood basin, and fell to the ground, sword scattering out of his hand. The general's sword came down and embedded itself in Comanus's chest. Comanus struggled to breathe, and to pull the sword out of him, while his opponent stood laughing and taunting him.

    His vision spun and became dark on the edges. He reached for his sword, the tips of his fingers angling the hilt so he could pick it up. He waited for the right moment as his hand closed on the hilt, and thrust it upwards as hard as he could. The general gave a gasp just as a light blue arc from the alter of blood streaked out and struck him full in the chest, expanding to encompass his body. The tent howled with heavy winds as he was sucked into the underworld, failing his master, and also having had the ties that bonded him to the mortal realm broken with the smashing of the crystal. The general evaporated in a blue cloud of smoke and Comanus sighed. His job was done.

    Comanus felt his life drain away, but knew it was not in vain. They had won, between the crystal being destroyed and their leaders slaughtered, the army would be in dis-array. Those that didn't flee, would probably kill themselves in a contest to see who would be the new leader. His work here was finished. Comanus peacefully closed his eyes and breathed his last just as the worried young luitenant burst into the tent to see he was too late.

    Lindor and Kestrel stood their ground, glaring back at the beasts, Kestrel holding an arm wound. They seemed almost certain to lose. The wolf-like beast lunged at them, when suddenly it fell to the ground from mid-air, and the ground began to shake violently. Rocks toppelled from above, and crashed down below as the ground heaved with all its strength. Kestrel fell down on the unforgiving rocks, re-opening his serious arm wound.

    Lightning flashed in the dark sky, fire rained down in a hellish armageddon, burning and desolating the land in areas that it struck. The burning rocks slamming into the innocent land. A white light shone from the summit of the mountain, far above them. A lightning bolt struck the wolf creature, and arced to the other creature. Both were enveloped in a swirling mass of blue lightning. The howl of tormented souls echoed across the valley. The crystal had been destroyed by Rogan. As the maelstrom of choas resolved into the peace and relief of victory.

    The maelstrom of magical lightning died down around the two former creatures, revealing two males streched out on the ground. One clothed in a green robe, the other in a black robe. They seemed unconscious, but a magical sense warned Lindor from going near. Besides, he had enough trouble today, he didn't want to start more. They seemed fine, just really tired and worn out. Lindor turned to Kestrel and cast a minor healing spell, to hold the wound together while they rejoined the group in the cave.

    Avatara stood on the platform, the signs of battle evident, and a weary DF resting peacefully on the charred landscape. The fire streaking through the sky and the lightning from the cave reflecting the conflict being resolved in that moment. With one final spell, Avatara shot a golden beam at the portal gate, opening up its swirling blue mass. Stretching out his power, he sensed two of his brethren on the base of the mountain. The light blue choas swirled and condensed into a single beam that shot out of the mountain, and curved into the portal that lead to the dimensional pathways.

    The two figures he had been waiting 80 years to see alive again came strolling down the path. Avatara looked upon two of the fellow nine, free from their spell of imprisonment from Dethelon. The guardian of nature, and the guardian of death were back to normal despite their tiredness. After a quick re-unitement, the two of the nine resolved to start travelling the dimensions, rounding up the others to meet at a designated place in 24 years. The evil grasp on their homeland, Haëluîn, wouldn't last for long. Avatara, Paithain as they knew him, said goodbye and promised to see them again soon. The two stepped through the portal and entered into the complex labyrinth of worlds on the interdimensional path that wound around in an arcane way.

    Avatara sighed, and held up the amulet around his neck. The red ruby imbedded in the center glowed with a bright light. The circle and lines interweaving in a pattern leading to the center of the circle began flowing with a pure golden-white light. Starting from the outsides, and working in toward the center of the circle, corresponding runes on the gateway began to glow, working their way up in a brilliant display of colors.

    The pure essance of magic met itself in the center, and the runes blazed on the metal disks at the top. Like a ripple in a pond, the gateway vanished, and was locked.

    The sight of dawn approaching was a welcome relief, victory was at hand. Avatara began his trek to re-group with the others. DF had sometime since vanished, Avatara presumed he was waiting for him, as Avatara needed to open the symbol door, as he was the original group leader.

    Meanwhile, an equally pleasing dawn shone on the war-beaten landscape of Southern Cythera. Most of the army had either fled, or killed themselves. Their bodies, made of the twisted magik of the emperor, had disingrinated into a filthy ash substance, that had blown across the western sea with a recent wind.

    The mournful sun peeked over the eastern sea, as the funeral pyre of Comanus burned outside of Cademia. The fresh sea air gave a sense of happiness on the sorrowful group. Comanus was a great leader, and the new leader of Comanus's legion regretfully took over command. The Comanus group turned and left, leaving the population of Cythera to rebuild their lives. There was a great burdon eased off their shoulders, and now they could return to peaceful lives.

    The sun now shone high in the sky, causing the green grass on some of the untouched areas to seem to radite an inner warmth.

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

  • The group finally reunited. Everybody was in this realm looking upon Cythera wondering what was to become of their odd quest. Lindor, Talos, and Rogan were all anxious to find out where the treasure actually was and open it to find out what they had been questing for for a long time. Kestral seemed driven mad by all that had occured but seemed to be in high spirits finally. Avatara never looked better. His visit back to his homeland and making it all better for a time apparantly did him more good than anybody could have imagined. The only one missing was Desert Fox. Df had gone missing for months and nobody could seem to go forward or back without an imput of some sort from him. The final thought behind that ws that since he was still alive, he was still part of this.

    DF hadn't lost himself, he had just been resting his energy. His body had died. He died on the battlefield but had sapped the life of another to live again. He had to get the other thought out of his head, a process that almost killed him several times over. His resolve was great and he saw himself through it all. He also saw the final treasures and remembered the scroll decreeing that it could only be opened by one noble person. He finally knew what to do.

    "What the hell is going on? Why don't we just float on down back so we can get over this episode in our lives" Rogan said
    "Treasure. We came here for a treasure" came Lindor's reply
    "Yeah, but we saved our people. That is treasured enough in my mind." Rogan said
    "You are acting different today" Kestral said and laughed as if he said something amusing
    "No, Im just tired of doing nothing. I want to go back home." Rogan shot back
    This just degenerated into arguing and general laughter as Talos started to goof off to ease tensions
    "DF has returned" Avatara said, stunning the rest as it seemed as if he just came out of a meditation state
    As if fulfilling Avatara's prophecy, DF came out of nowhere. There were shocked faces around the circle.
    "Looks as if Ive not lost the talent to make an entrance. Ive found the treasure. I can't go back into my other state to get you to it, it was a hiding regenerative state"

    DF leads the group to the cave in which Talos and Rogan had entered during the battle and leads them down several halls. He stops them outside the door.
    "Wait here. Only I can enter right now but it will reward all here." he told them as he entered the room
    The room was decorated with all sorts of decorated swords, shields, armor, wands, staffs, potions, and everything. Gems lined parts of the floor and gold gathered at other parts. Treasure chests decked out in red and gold as well as ones of pure silver and gold were everywhere. Several non-descript treasure chests also sat in the back of the room. DF thought for a second what he would go after and hunted the room, eventually coming across the box. He was about to pass over it for the one next to it when he gave it a second thought and stopped on it. He looked at it over and over. Eventually he felt secure enough with his choice and took the chest with him out of the room and to the rest of the group.
    "Enter one at a time. The result of two in there at once can be tragic. Chose one item and leave so the next can enter." DF stated as he sat down with his prize
    Rogan entered next. The sights of gold were overwhelming. Gold this, that and in between. He saw the many chests, including ones that looked life DF's. Unlike Df, though, he decided to go with something he saw. A blue hued staff caught his attention almost as he walked into the door. It was a normal staff but with a blue aura surrounding it. He picked it up and almost took an immediate liking to the way it felt. He left the room with great satisfaction and allowed the next to enter. Talos entered next...

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

  • Talos took everything in. Rich colors of every hue, sharpened blades of every kind, colored staffs of every variety, and treasure along every wall. The place was lined with every treasure he could imagine. Heck, he didn't doubt for one minute that if he searched, he could find the legendary gold plated girlie magazines told about in many bars around Cythera. He hunted around for a few minutes before something glistened in his eye. It was a charm with a symbol of a dragon with a sword and shield on it. This fascinated him so much that he wandered towards the door, never looking up from his new prize. He walked through the door with little more than a mumble to let the next person know that it was their turn.
    Lindor and Kestral got up at the same time. Both had an equal say in who got to come in next but Kestral sat down
    "Not much use arguing now, it seems that everyone will get what they want here"
    Lindor was almost breathless when he walked through the doorway. The gems, swords, shields, and all other equiptment were all calling his name. Not any time before was he given a choice on what he could have. These all seemed to be godly weapons because they all seemed to glow with different lights. He walked around and came across a small fountain in a corner. He almost walked right by but noticed the sound of water. Something told him to clean his sword in it. Upon drawing his sword, he noticed that the dark hue had remained despite its near constant use. He placed the sword in the small fountain and it changed slightly. It went from jet black to a midnight blue. Nearly the same color but it even felt different when he lifted it from the fountain. The dark blue color on the outside was greatly offset by the white aura now surrounding the sword. Satisfied with his new mystical sword, Lindor walked back through the door.
    Kestral entered with the knowledge that he needed nothing. He wandered the room looking at everything but seeing one reason or another for not needing something. This is when he tripped over a fallen staff and ended up facing several gems. These were of a quality impossible to normal standards. Picking up each one he felt a different feel from each of them. The deep blue sapphire felt like water. He figured that this would protect him from fire. The deep red ruby had a campfire feel about it. This made him feel more secure about icey places. The yellow topaz made his skin feel alive. Made him feel as though he were being rushed through the air. He stood and ran and was astounded that he was so fast with this. He moved on back to the gems and picked up a jungle green emerald. This made his skin feel harder instantly. To test this, Kestral cast a magnetic spell designed to be thrown and caught. Instead of catching it he let it hit him. He saw a greenish hue appear right on his skin as the spell hit and he felt nothing of its energy. Astounded by all these mystical gems, he chose the Topaz and walked out the door, which seemed more like he was flying at the speed he was going.
    The seeming appearance of Kestral outside stunned the people outside but they knew that the gems were more than mere gems.
    Avatara walked in with confidence. He walked a bit and saw a shelf with scrolls. He investigated a few, picked up one, and left. Nothing more was said of it. It seemed to be the only thing he had been looking for on this entire mission.

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

  • Desert Fox opened the treasure chest he took from the room. Inside was an amulet. The flat piece of metal seemed to be so ordinary that it appeared that DF was gyped out of his choice. But the symbol on it told the rest what they needed to know. The picture on the front was of the human head with waves on the outside. Around that was the appearance of a globe. It was the fabled amulet of self-control. DF had always been looking for a way to control the energy swarming inside his body without harming his friends and this amulet was the way out.
    Rogan's staff was as special as it looked. He cast oneof his ice spells and froze a fiery volcano which had erupted during their time there. The powerful spell wasn't that powerful which told all who observed that this staff amplified the casters every spell. A fireball which he used to set an entire forest on fire and a water enchantment which doused the fire let him know that it wasn't only ice that was affected by it..
    Lindor needed to see how his sword performed in action so he fought with Talos, who finally broke his attention from his charm. The ensuing battle was quite informative. The charm was almost like a shield from any attack that Lindor could throw but it also healed, albeit slowly, whatever got through. Too bad Talos preferred using two swords otherwise he would be indestructible but this way he wouldn't be easily defeated by a goofed move. Lindor's sword was unforgivably good. It now required the use of both hands but he gratefully gave up his shield for it. Not only did it emit a dark power, it released a chilling power as well. The aura was determined to heal the user when hurt. This was found when one of Talos's attacks slipped though and slashed Lindor's left arm. The wound healed up quickly, leaving a small scar to let him know of the attack.
    Kestral seemed free of spirit now. He ran all around the countryside without worry now. he ran faster than cheetas could run or dragons could fly. He leaped large chasms with little effort. His mind and body now soared as it had so longed to beforehand.

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

  • Avatara remained silent, just watching the group with an expression of deep thought on his face. After a couple hours, when each was satisfied with what they recieved, Avatara spoke.

    "Lets go home."

    Everyone agreed, except DF who was thinking about something. Avatara walked over to the wall, and picked up an object leaning against it. He walked back to the center of the room, and raised the staff, the gem clasped at the top reflecting sunlight entering from the hole blasted in the roof earlier. The air in front of the staff rippled, like tears falling in a pond. Following the ripples, an image of Cythera appeared. The group hesitantly stepped into the image one by one, and found themselves on a grassy hill overlooking Cademia.

    Avatara turned to Desert Fox. "Are you coming?"

    DF nodded as he stood up. "You know I won't be there for long."

    "I understand. And I fear my time is coming as well. Just not yet..." Avatara replied.

    Desert Fox stepped through, followed by Avatara. The portal shimmered out of existance, as the group found themselves home...most of them anyway...

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

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