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  • This week, indeed the last week of 2001, we have a chronicle from Ferazel. It is entitled "A Cat's Night in Kosha." It tells the tale of Callie(Ferazel's cat) one night. It's a unique story, as it focuses more on the cat than on people. Perhaps Ferazel is trying to strike a blow against speciesism ;). Anyway, it can be read (url="http://" &number;=52&forum;=*Cythera+Chronicles&DaysPrune;=25&article;=000066&startpoint;=")here(/url).

    Our chronicle supply is still completely depleted. Please send in more!

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • I'm adding the finishing touches to mine now, I should be submiting it today.

    I'll just put a random number at 0008EC and see what happens.
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  • Interesting. I think it's a tad short, but other than that, ferazel has done a good job on it.

    <edit>Oh, yes, I'm also about halfway finished with Part II of the Puppet Master.</edit>

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  • Thank you. I really enjoyed writing this one. To model for Callie, I stayed up one night to watch what she did. She scratched at the refrigerator, explored all over, and it was quite fun. The perspective was also fun to do.

    Yes, I know it's a bit short, but it was a bit hard to come up with enough events. Thank you, Slayer and Gwydion.

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