Pynx Portcullis

  • I'm stuck trying to get to the basement. I have found two loose stones and get a "click" from each, but the lever is nowhere to be found, no matter how many walls I walk through. From earlier hintsI found on this BB, it sounds like I should have found a lever somewhere in the "dark" area, but I've visited all of it to no avail.

  • <spoiler>
    Each time you step on a loose stone, some part of a wall is changed to a invisible secret passage. Step everywhere, then try to walk into every part of the wall. Eventually you'll find the lever.
    <another spoiler>
    If you have the "Romete Use" spell, you may go behind the portcullis without opening it: cast the spell on the stair, and voilĂ , you're downstair. Back with the "Directed Nexus"!
    </another spoiler>

  • Well I had already discovered the walking through walls bit, and I have (I think) explored the entire space that shows as "black" on the magic mapping scroll (three rooms, three walk-thru walls). No lever. I'm baffled. I wonder if it's just missing from my database -- there
    are a few other oddities here and there, possibly I have somehow
    corrupted the db. I'll try the 'remote use' trick. Thanks.

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