• Hi.I'm sorry i havent posted the "story " of what happened to Eldrad.School has emptied my mind.
    I think it isn't coming very soon.But i think intime it will come.

    Am i the only finnish person here???

    trust not what your eyes behold

  • Hello, Eldrad! :)

    I've been wondering what happened to you, ever since your brief reappearance, promising to return, shortly after I started posting. Are you back for real this time? (I hope, I hope...)

    As far as I know, you're the only Finn; Rogan would be nearest, in Norway.

    Kobayashi Maru!

  • I'm not Finnish, but I know some Finnish words. ;)

    "Have you done 7 impossible things before lunch today?"

  • I will start working on the story of eldrads "mysterious" dissapearence.

    Trust not what youre eyes behold

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