lots of newbie questions I'm Stupid

  • Where is the dissapering fort the place with the glass door, who joins you on your quest
    ( Name them and tell me where to find them) Who is Myus, and is it possible to buy the house for 10000 oboloi and what does the house do.

    Joy to the world, the teacher's dead, we cut off her head what happened to her body we flushed it down the potty.

    Don't have a cow man!

  • Slayer's guide to Cythera can be found at (url="http://"http://www.macclassics.com/cythera/cythera.htm")http://www.macclassi...era/cythera.htm(/url) . It will answer most, if not all of your questions.

    How do men that have beards play the flute?
    When I'm bored, my post number goes up.

  • It's possible to buy the house (I have), but you can easily break in so it's pretty much a waste of your money, I only buy the house because I have a key collection (yes I spend 10,000 obloi on a key).

    Momenti everyone! Momenti is pronounced moment-tai and means take it easy.

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